RABIES (Hydrophobia)

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Rabies is a disease produced by a virus which attacks the immune system and is transmitted through saliva. It is also know as hydrophobia due to the rejection of water that people or animals have which are affected by this disease. Warning! This is a dangerous and fatal disease. It is transmitted by the bite of an animal such as: dogs, rats, cats, moneys etc.Symptoms: The incubation time for this virus is from 9 days to several months. A slight fever, loss of appetite, headache, hyperactivity, confusion and in some cases, attacks. The person is generally very thirsty but when he/she tries to drink water, violent and painful spasms are caused in the throat which keeps the person from drinking. That is why it is called hydrophobia, that is, a phobia or rejection of water.

Another symptom is facial paralysis and paralysis of the eye muscles. 20 days after the symptoms appear; the person can enter a state of coma and then dies.Suggestion:

  • Watch the animal. If it becomes sad or very restless, reacts when drinking water, and/or shows a lot of saliva and has no appetite, sometimes gets wild or crazy, or the animal dies after 5 to 7 days, the animal may have rabies! If the person feels itching or pain in the area of the bite, has difficulty swallowing in addition to a lot of thick saliva, spends periods of time at peace and others restless, or has convulsions, be careful, he or she may have rabies!
  • In any situation, keep the animal tied up for 8 or 10 days to watch it. If possible, take it to the dog pound or health center so they can check it. In case of a bite, wash the wound with peroxide.
  • If you see anything suspicious about the animal that bit you and you couldn’t take it to get it checked, go to a health clinic and get a rabies and tetanus vaccination.

If the rabies vaccine is given before symptoms occur, the person will recover. But if the symptoms occur, rabies can’t be stopped and it is possible the person may die.

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