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Prostatitis is the swelling of the male sexual prostate gland.Symptoms: Pain in the lower abdomen between the scrotum and anus, fever, frequent desire to urinate, blood or pus while urinating, difficulty urinating, and impotence. If the problem continues a tumor may be formed.

The main causes are: The swelling and natural enlargement of the prostate (which surrounds the urethra) which generally occurs in older people. This causes pressure on the urethra which in turn causes urine to be retained in the bladder resulting in a difficulty to urinate. This swelling is commonly caused by an infection in another part of the body. In the case of not being able to urinate at all, you should try urinating seated in a tub with cool or lukewarm water which reaches your waist. It still unable to urinate, a catheter will need to be utilized. (Consult your physician).


The American Medical Association and studies done in Canada, Sweden, and Japan have demonstrated with 80% efficiency great benefits of zinc and hormones. Drinking a lot of pure water is recommended since this prevents kidney infections and cystitis.

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