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Dear Sir,
untitledMy Mother Smt Laxmi Priya Lenka of Tentuligadia Charampa Bhadrak Orissa, was a patient a long time as Osteoarthritis. Her knee was not foldable. It was like a stick having no fold capacity at knee. She used to drag the feet instead of walking. I, as a son used to feel helpless as she had almost visited doctors (Allopathiy, Ayurveda & Homeopathy) for 8yrs. Finally she was to go for knee replacement but who is going fund for it. We did not have that much & she is also quite old. We had lots of doubts regarding her health after the surgery. She underwent treatment through food supplements on advice from me under Naresh Sir. Inspite of being guided by close relatives not to go for it as it may harm her. But she had faith in me and went through course. After six months on a religious occasion my mother calls all her children (8 sons & daughters) and in tearful eyes she says “after a long time today she could fold her knees and worshiped God. She added that “your father would have been alive, if this could have come a little before in our life”. That was the moment I felt so great and thanked Naresh Sir & the company making such great value organic food supplements, from the core of my heart. Now she under treatment for Diabetes. Now her blood sugar is under control and she is leading a healthy life.

Supplements for Osteoarthritis of my mother –

Here is my appeal to all caring sons & daughters of the World never ever forget to gift a pack organic food supplement under guidance from Mr Nareshji to your aging parents you can keep their smiles alive throughout their life.

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