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Olive Leaf Extract Lowers Blood Pressure Better Than Drugs

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The impact of high blood pressure places millions of America significantly increased risk from cardiovascular disease and sudden death from a heart attack. Big Pharma and modern medicine are quick to prescribe a vast assortment of Pharmaceuticals that fill the coffers of the drug giants and have little effect on true cardiac risk.

Publishing in the journal Phytomedicine, researchers found that a natural extract from the olive leaf plant can effectively lower blood pressure without the devastating side effects experienced by many placed on a lifetime of synthetic pharmaceuticals

olive-leafOlive Leaf Extract Lowers Blood Pressure Similar to Dangerous Drugs

Hypertension is one of the most devastating conditions that currently affects more than 50 million Americans. High blood pressure slowly and silently degrades the integrity of our vascular network of vessels and arteries, ultimately leading to heart attack, stroke and vascular dementia. Standard medical practice calls for the administration of multiple pharmaceuticals that further degrade health and carry a long list of damaging side effects

Researchers found that olive leaf extract taken at a dose of 500 mg twice per day naturally lowered blood pressure in Stage 1 hypertensive patients similar to prescription ACE-inhibitor drugs. The study authors noted that extracts from leaves of the olive tree “have been used since ancient times to combat high blood pressure, atherosclerosi.

Additionally, researchers found that the groups of subjects taking the olive leaf extract demonstrated significant improvements in triglyceride

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levels,a postitive benifites not seen with pharmanceutical group.Although the specific blood pressure lowering action of olive leaf extract is not known, the study designers believe it is related to the active compound in the leaf known as oleuropein. Oleuropein acts synergistically with other chemicals in the plant to “exert both ACE inhibitory and calcium channel “Blocking Activity”

Olive Oil Lowers Risk from Oxidized LDL Cholesterol

Researchers again found that the antioxidant polyphenols oleuropein and cafeic acid found in olive oil exhibited powerful anti-diabetic, anti- adiabatic,anti-asherosclerotic and anti-inflammatory properties.In response to increased dietary consumption of the polyphenols, the study found that critical immune response mechanisms were stimulated and deadly LDL oxidation was retarded.

Olive oil consumption was shown to yield reduced levels of systemic inflammation and a reduction in arterial plaque formation. Health-minded individuals will want to include 25 ml (just under two tablespoons) of extra virgin olive oil daily to provide

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