nicotine addiction treatment


Prevention against lung cancer, Smoking any type of tobacco.Symptoms:  Smoking causes one third of deaths due to lung cancer and one fourth of deaths due to heart attacks. (Some one that smokes has a 300% probability of heart attack). The child of a pregnant woman who smokes is born smaller and with a predisposition of asthma.

Each cigarette smoked eliminates 25 mg of vitamin C from your body.

Causes of disorders:

  • Nicotine causes addiction.
  • Tar obstructs bronchioles.
  • Smoke produced by cigarettes steals oxygen from the blood, whether of the one smoking them or of those nearby breathing the smoke.
  • It can produce, at the same time pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis, respiratory diseases and hypertension, as well as stroke.
The main pulmonary symptoms are:
Coughing Loss of appetite
Lack of respiration and suffocation Fatigue


Take 100 gm Saunf + 100 gm Black Pepper, mix together and make a powder. Place a little of this powder on your tongue as you feel the urge to smoke. Drink a glass of plain water whenever you feel the urge to smoke. But if, you desire to quit smoking, then dare to say “NO” for a Cigarette, when someone offers you publically and say firmly that, “I do not smoke”. Thereafter, just do the same to with everyone including self. As a partial protection against the effects of cigarettes, if you are unable to quit smoking, take following supplements for every 10 Cigarettes you smoke in a day:

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