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Kidney infection The swelling of one or both kidneys is called nephritis.The symptoms of this disease may be nonexistent, or there may be pain in the abdomen area, blood in the urine, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and frequent desire to urinate.

The main cause of this infection is bacteria, which come from the urinary tract going up from the bladder. Another variety of nephritis is glomerulus’s nephritis, which is produced as a response to an infection in other parts of the body. Another cause of nephritis is the presence of toxins in the body.

Suggestion:Consists of taking natural antibiotics such as: Vitamin A, E and C, the vitamins B2 and B12 and minerals. Drink large quantities of liquids.

In a study done by Dr. Jerry Avom, professor of the school of Medicine of the University of Harvard, a glass of cranberry juice per day was given to a group of people during several months. An improvement was observed in 75% of these people in comparison with ones that didn’t drink the juice; both groups were taking the same amount of Vitamin-C. “Cranberry produces a substance that prevents bacteria from adhering to the walls of the bladder and the urinary tract” (cystitis).

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