Nature that Spells Excellence !!

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To pay homage to beauty, you must admire nature, to admire nature you must worship God!!!!…..

Excellence is that ever evasive, ever alluring quality which we keep chasing, not ever pausing for a moment, to observe, to absorb and to appreciate the perfectness, the excellence that is NATURE. From a single cell to a present day man, a camel goes without water for a week, a 200 year old tree, the beautiful coral reef; these are beauty par-excellence.

The nature has given us so much and we have given it so little. It has given us more than we would have ever desired for starting from life and basic necessities of life like – food, clothing, shelter etc. Place to live & lots more. Nature is a kind of box which when opened in the past has taken out only excellence. We being the most smartest species with brains on earth have always taken nature for granted and in return nature has shown its disappointment towards us through many natural disasters like Tsunami, earthquakes, floods etc. We always criticize nature for these disasters but never think that we are the one’s responsible for all this mess. Nature is undoubtedly the most beautiful gift that God has given to us and in return we should respect it. It is a source/origin of excellence.


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