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There are five main types of muscular dystrophy. In the most common type, the muscle tissues require a great amount of oxygen and enzymes to correctly perform their function due to the fact that they have been destroyed together with the essential fatty acids that form the structural part of the muscle. The membrane of the muscle cells becomes extremely permeable so it loses many of the nutrients that are needed.
The main symptoms are: The weakening of the legs and back muscles causing difficulty in walking is very pronounced in the beginning. With time, this may become generalized in other parts of the body.

The main cause is heredity with the exception of a type which occurs between the ages of 35 to 50. Nevertheless the type of diet and life style that one maintains is also very important for its prevention.


The most nutritious diet recommended is: whole-grain cereals, that means still containing the full (wheat germ, moong, gram etc.), as well as amino acids and vegetable oils; in addition vitamins E, A, B1, B6, B12 and multi-minerals.

If the degenerative problem has not progressed very much, the intake of vitamin E will help impede it. This vitamin is found in large amounts in whole wheat and sprouts.

Warning! This is a serious disease because the muscles degenerate. Consult your physician.

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