multiple sclerosis treatment


Multiple sclerosis is a degeneration of nerve cells.
The most frequent symptoms are: Muscular weakness, weakness when standing, lack of coordination and balance when walking or eating, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty in speaking, incontinence, paralysis of some muscles and mood swings. The progression of this disease is slow and it disappears for periods of time but then it returns without remedy.Causes: are not well known but enough information has been obtained to suspect that bad nutrition or a possible infection may cause it. This disorder usually becomes evident from ages 25 to 40.The most adequate suggested treatment is:The intake of multi-vitamins and multi-minerals, especially B1, B6, B12, D and E, calcium and magnesium; unsaturated fats (omega-3), soy, corn, sunflower, and fish and oils; vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Rest and adequate exercise are beneficial for your health. Cigarettes and alcohol must be eliminated because they interfere by destroying vitamin B and unsaturated fats. When it begins, patients in whom this disease has been detected have experienced a considerable improvement in 90–95% of the cases when their nourishment is improved.Ginkgo Biloba: This plant helps against Multiple sclerosis in that it increases circulation. The greater quantity of blood, loaded with oxygen and nutrients, reaches the damaged areas so that the nerve cells are re-established quicker, allowing the person’s damaged faculties to improve.

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