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If  laryngitis persists for more than two weeks it can cause rheumatic fever or cardiac problems. Also, if the infection descends in to the lungs it may cause bronchitis or pneumonia. Consult your physician.

Inflammation, infection or irritation of the larynx and the vocal cords.

SymptomsPain, itching, irritation and inflammation which doesn’t allow one to speak naturally.

Causes: –  Smoking and drinking alcohol

  • Too much speaking
  • Singing or shouting excessively
  • It is also caused by an infection due to bacteria in the air that is inhaled, or by contact with infected saliva from another person.


  • Don’t speak too much
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Rest
  • Breath vapor from a humidifier for 5 minutes/steam inhalation.
  • Gargle every 3 hours with Garlic Extract (3-4 drops), or with the salt mixture. It is very effective.
  • Gargle with chamomile tea
  • Gargle with the mixture of medicinal herbs (very effective)
  • Take plenty of natural antibiotics like garlic.
  • Take honey with lemon.
  • A throat infection is dangerous if it is not taken care of in time because it may descend in to the lungs and cause an infection.
  • To prevent Laryngitis it is recommended to take Vitamin-C


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