Know your own body parameters

During the course of attending various patients in last 20 years, I came across many patients with all biological and physical parameters within the laid down limits, but complaining of serious sufferings. Most of these patients are finally referred to Psychiatrist. Where they are treated with sedatives, which slows down the performance of the brain, reduces thinking and analising ability and person becomes lethargic and dull.

Whenever, such patient comes to me, I try to match the symptoms and try to analyze the root cause. Secondly, I tell the patient that if the tests do not indicate anything about your problem, it means that the test which can identify your problem in not yet made. May be future scientific research may develop such test which can identify problems such as yours. Thirdly, I progressively reduce sedatives after the combination of supplements starts providing relief in the suffering in about a month or two.
A lady in her sixties came to me in Gurgaon, the other day I was seeing patients. She told me that she has been suffering from acute recurring pain in the middle of the chest and a mild continuous pain on top of Liver adjoining Gall Bladder. She was tested for everything from CT Scan and MRI of Brain, Heart Echo to CBC and was carrying test reports worth about Rs.60,000. No reports show up any problem and therefore she is being given psychiatric treatment since last five years. She gets severe headache and vomiting sensation upon eating these tablets. She became a psychiatric patient courtesy doctors treating her for long duration without finding solution to her problem. And now even the family members declared and treat her like a psychiatric person. What an irony?
She was begging for stopping her psychiatric treatment and she said that she can still try and survive with the suffering she had earlier.
From the above it is very evident that the lady is suffering with liver problem, occasional acute gastritis. Also some lesion and pus pockets in Liver.
I advised her combination of food supplements, which will provide relief. I told her that she will be alright soon and her psychiatric treatment will be progressively tapered down and eventually stopped. I am hopeful and pray almighty to provide cure to her. I have done my best and rest is destiny. I am certain that, combined prayers and blessing from each one of you will support in her cure.
I want to inform everyone that the laid down medical parameters are not Godsend, these have been derived after sampling. Even if these parameters are within limits but if a person is suffering, kindly give due to the individual suffering and not to these man-made parameters which keep on varying and sometimes the changes are approved to ensure sale of some specific drugs.
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