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My name is Rasha Sharma. I am 33 years and live in Delhi. I have a young daughter. I was leading a happily married life in my house. We have a joint family and we all live together.


    Rasha Sharma – Before

On 11 Jul 2012, I drank a bottle of Chloric Acid about 200 ml (used for purifying water) in the rage of anger because I could not control my emotions in a family dispute. As I drank Chloric Acid, froth and smoke started coming out from my mouth spontaneously. The blood started coming out with small pieces of flesh. Seeing my condition, my husband rushed me to Sajeevan Hospital in Dariya Gunj. The doctors immediately started treatment. My food pipe and stomach was burnt. I was admitted there for week. Thereafter, we shunted from one hospital to another in search of better treatment. Days became months. During this period a Doctor in Lady Harding Hospital informed us that my food pipe is blocked from three places because I have not eaten anything since last two months. This is the main reason that food is not going inside. I was operated and a small tube was inserted in my stomach so that food can get inside and I can be kept alive. I could now take liquid diet through this pipe and I returned back to my house for the first time from hospital on 31 Aug 12.

I continued on liquid diet till Dec 2012. I was constantly on Glucose and medicines. I body has grown very weak. I was getting weaker and weaker day by day inspite of taking liquid diet. I could not eat anything and I became completely bedridden.

On 9 Jan 2013 my brother learnt about Naresh Ji and we came to meet him. My condition was so bad that I was lying in the back seat of the car, when I came to meet Naresh Ji for the first time. My entire body had diminished, my skin had become black and I weighed 28 Kg.

After examining me and my documents thoroughly, Naresh Ji advised following food supplements –

Vitamin-B 4-4-4 (30 min before meals)
Fiber 1-1-1 (one cup water along with Vitamin-B)
Multivitamin 1-1-1
Vitamin-C 2-2-2
Vitamin-E 1-1-1
Echinicea 3—-3
Iron Folic —2—- (with Lunch)
Protein Powder 1—–1 (with Milk)

Rasha Sharma – After

All these supplements were powdered and inserted in my stomach through the tube because even water could not enter through mouth. After taking the supplements for about a month I could sit on my bed, my skin colour started improving and my weight also started increasing. I started feeling better. This was the first time I found a positive change in my health, although it was about 10% only. This time I came to meet Naresh Ji on my own. The internal wounds due to acid burning had still not healed because pus and blood came out occasionally. Still I could not eat anything from mouth. After taking the recommended supplements for almost 6 months, my internal wounds healed up and pus & blood stopped. My food pipe opened a little and I slowly started taking some liquid from the mouth.


Rasha Sharma with her daughter in lap after treatment

I visited Kamayani Naresh many times in one year. I was recovering very fast. My internal wounds healed up completely by taking regular food supplements. The tube fitted in my stomach was removed and I could eat my food from mouth. Presently I have to eat small meals and I cannot eat normal meals as the case was earlier because the inner lining of my stomach has shrunken resulting into smaller stomach size. In case I eat more I feel vomiting. Doctors suggested that food pipe relocation can resolve the issue of vomiting.

Other than this issue, I am completely healthy and leading my life in a normal manner as before. First time when I met Kamayani Naresh, my body was not in a state to undertake any kind of treatment but now my body is ready for any type of allopathic treatment. In my present condition even Kamayani Naresh Ji have also recommended surgery, provided the issue gets resolved. But, they have recommended some food supplements to be taken for 3 to 4 months after operation for quick recovery.

I am very happy. Today I can lift my daughter in my lap. After drinking acid, I never thought that I will ever be in a condition to take my daughter in my lap. I had lost hopes. My survival was doubtful and even if I survive it was difficult to imagine the condition. But, today I am completely healthy because of the advise given by Kamayani Naresh. The food supplements recommended by them have given me new life. I am thankful to my brother who told me about Kamayani Naresh. I have informed many persons suffering with various ailments about “Zyropathy” the new health system being evolved by Kamayani Naresh. Most of them are deriving the benefits of “Zyropathy”.\

Rasha Sharma

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