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HYPERTENSION (High blood pressure)

Hypertension is the increase of arterial blood pressure in the body. If the blood pressure measurements are 140/90 in persons under 50 or 150/95 in persons over ages 50 confirm hypertension.The symptoms of persistent high blood pressure are:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Heart problems
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Noise in the ears
  • Cloudy sight
  • Frequent hemorrhages in the nose and eyes

Nevertheless, high blood pressure may exist without a symptom, which is the reason why it has been given the name of “The silent Killer”.
Causes: there are many causes of physical as well as psychological origin. The ones of physical origin are in general due to the presence of atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis or kidney problems (infection), as well as the obstruction of an artery. Other associated causes are: Heredity, obesity, the intake of too much salt (since sodium causes a retention of liquids), smoking, drinking wine, coffee or tea in excess, and contraceptives.

The BPs of psychological origin is accompanied by current anguish, nervousness and emotional imbalances. Stress or tension causes the veins to contract, becoming smaller. This provokes an increase in pressure (this is the reason why we become pale when we are scared). The type of people with a high stress level should make a change in their way of life, eliminate worries and nervousness, change their nutrition, and exercise daily.


  • Eliminate salt from meals and the use of carbohydrates and other salts as well.
  • It is convenient to increase the intake of potassium, calcium and vitamin-D since this will cause the body to dissolve the sodium content in the body.
  • The intake of vitamins- C, A and E, as well as exercising daily.
  • Garlic is very beneficial, either naturally or in odorless capsules.
  • Lecithin. This element dissolves blood clots in the veins, emulsifies fats and cholesterol, and then takes these fats to the liver for transformation.

Warning! high blood pressure is a silent killer since its presence does not produce unpleasant symptoms in the beginning, nevertheless, when the pressure increases and is constant, it starts to damage organs like the heart by making it work excessively.

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