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Hyperactivity is a disorder of the central nervous system. It appears mainly in children.

Symptoms: It is characterized by:

  • The lack of attention and concentration.
  • Not being able to remain still in one place and for a period of more than 10 minutes.
  • Continuous movements of fingers, legs and hands are manifested.
  • Aggressiveness and impulsiveness, as well as a tendency to have insomnia.

The main causes are:

Problems in the brain, eating refined sugar and carbohydrates, as well as some of the preservatives added to food. Other causes may be of a profound psychological origin such as anxiety or anguish which provokes restlessness in the person. Dyslexia also provokes hyperactivity.


Diminish refined sugars and flours as well as strengthen the nervous system with: – Vitamins of the B complex mainly B1 and B6, in addition to Vitamins C, E, Omega-3, Proteins and the multi-minerals.

Note! Hyperactivity may be due to a problem of hypothyroidism.

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