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In these hot summers you have a lot of options to enjoy, as you got a long holiday for your kids, so hang out is a must do. But what with this cruel sun, emitting fire on your head, gives you many problems. So we will discuss here the problems created by sun. Sunstroke, sun poisoning, sunburn and many other familiar words linked to these warm days.The sun could be great, if it wouldn’t come with his problematic things. Kids wait for these long days to play unlimited. Swimming, outdoor sports, etc are some interesting things. Apart from this, getting enough sunlight is also suggested for a healthy body.

Being under sun is fun, it provides us Vitamin D, but too much can led to awful fall outs. The main three monsters of this season are Heat stroke, Sun burn and Sun poisoning.

Heat stroke Excess of heat can cause a serious condition that is called heat stroke. It is an advanced stage of hypothermia, where body receives more heat than it can fritter away. Our body heat regulation system gets besieged and temperature ascends up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.Mostly the affected people are from those categories that do laborious activities like sight or sales work and exercises etc under the hot sun. Heat stroke needs an immediate cure otherwise condition gets worsen even it can lead to coma, loss of consciousness, fits etc. Here are some tips to get back to the normal.

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