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Hiatus hernia is a disorder of the gastro – esophagus, in which the opening of the diaphragm, where the esophagus ends and the upper part of the stomach begins, is narrow and thus restricts the passage of food. When the upper part of the stomach is constricted, it swells with food and fills the upper part of the diaphragm, causing the food to go undigested and return back through the esophagus.

Symptoms: About two hours after eating the partially digested food begins to move along with hydrochloric acid from the stomach. This causes discomfort in the chest, similar to a burning or pain that sometimes can be confused with a heart problem or stomach ulcer.

Causes: This problem is a mechanical and mainly caused by excessive tension by two muscles associated with the diaphragm. When a person eats a lot, the stomach fills beyond its normal capacity, so that the upper part of the diaphragm begins to fill. This blocks the normal digestion process.

No treatment is known that completely eliminates this problem, which, if serious, should be dealt with surgery. Nevertheless, one can learn to live with it by controlling the main variables of the problem.

Follow these recommendations:

  • Don’t eat too much till full, it is preferable to eat many times during the day.
  • Don’t lie down after eating (for at least three hours).
  • If you do lie down, do it half sitting not to facilitate the returning of the food through the esophagus.
  • Diet: Eliminate carbonated drinks, spices, coffee, and alcohol.
  • Drink water only after 30 min-60 min after eating. Preferably drink water before meals.
  • Try to eat in peace, without stress or tension. Also, don’t eat   too fast.
  • Eat a lot of grain fiber, fibrous fruits and vegetables.
  • Alfalfa is recommended because of its high alkaline. See for yourself that it is more convenient since sometimes what is needed is a little hydrochloric acid in the stomach to improve digestion.
  • Doing deep breathing exercises, holding breath a few seconds before releasing it can be of help. Try it!

This problem can best be tackled by observing above points and the nutritional supplements suggested below can only aid in providing some relief –

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