Herpes I and II


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There are 5 types of herpes. Herpes I and II are the most common. Herpes is a virus, which enters into the live cells, reprogramming them to work for this virus. In some occasions, the virus can remain dormant but when the person’s Immune System becomes weak, the virus becomes active and starts affecting the body.

It is recommended to take the necessary precautions because if the virus moves toward the eyes, the person may become blind. That is why it is very important to wash one’s hands very well after touching the rash. Another severe case is when the Herpes simplex II is contracted by a pregnant woman. This can affect the fetus and cause grave congenital deformities.

The initial symptoms generally appear on the skin, producing strong pain in the affected area since it acts on the sensitive nerve endings.
Herpes I mainly produced in the mouth, eyes and nose. It can be contracted through a kiss or contact with another person.

Herpes II is contracted through sexual contact and is usually manifested in the penis in the man or in the vagina and its surrounding area in the woman, causing discomfort, itching, irritation and fever.


Consists in strengthening the immune system with vitamins and nutrients. Use some cream on the area in order to diminish discomfort.

Warning! Herpes I and II are highly contagious; it is recommended to take precautions not to have direct contact with the infected area of the person. Consult your physician.

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