hearing disability

Hearing & Speaking Disability

Madhav aged 3.5 yrs hails from Buxor, Bihar, was suffering from complete hearing and no speech since birth. In addition to this he was very hyper. The parents sent the reports by whatsapp and took telephonic consultancy three months back. We recommended the combination of food supplements for three months. The case again came up for review a few days back. We at Zyropathy felt overwhelmed by the information received that Madhav now responds to heavy noise and if something is told to him very close to his ears. He has also speaking few words. The parents told us that they feel that there is 10% improvement in both hearing and speech.

We have now revised the supplements. We are very hopeful that one day Madhav will hear and speak normally. It is one of the miraculous achievement of Zyropathy.We are committed to helping humanity.

Give us the opportunity to serve you. We want to break the barrier of incurable health issues. We need your support in serving humanity in this regard.

Forward this message to the each and everyone you know, it might become a boon for someone with similar problems or someone who has lost hope.

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