Chennai’s Iron lady is gone. But what silent message did she leave by… Take good care of your health.. no wealth can save you if you ruin your health…!
Drink enough water, stand in the sun, eat on time, listen to your body, stop being lazy, be brisk and stay active throughout the day…sleep properly during nights…fight your stress back with a smile..maintain your BMI..just be health conscious…
Take care of your body. Regular health check ups every year… every symptom must be thoroughly investigated and resolved. Invest in your body than investing in land or gold…I urge everyone of you to understand the importance of healthy living. Diseases ruin your Peace, health and wealth…make sure you do your best to fight it! Most of us are in 30’s or 40’s but this is when we lay our foundation for a healthy old age… Taking care of oneself is the least one could do to the society…
It is well said than done-“Prevention is better than Cure”. I have arrived at the best possible solution for prevention after working with this idiom for almost four decades. Now, it is possible to maintain your body free of ailments with the support of “Preventika“.
Preventika is a synergistic combination of potent herbal extracts of Curcumin, Bel, Sheesham, Gudmaar, Arjuna, Giloy, Tulsi and Soye/Dil. It is completely natural, organic and herbal.
I recommend everyone to use Preventika for maintenance of your body free from ailments.
Experience the Power of Nature in Prevention as well as Cure.
Preventika a day keeps, ailments Away”

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