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Sudden deaths of Mr. Anil Madhav Dave & Mrs Reema Lagoo in Best Hospitals???


Recent deaths of both the prominent personalities have been bugging my mind and raising questions about the medical system being followed by everyone.


On 18 May 17, Mr Anil Madhav Dave, 60 years-felt uneasiness at his Safdarjung Road residence and was taken to AIIMS at 08:45 AM and was declared dead due to cardiac arrest at 09:45 AM. He was alive and reached hospital in time. AIIMS is believed to be ‘Mecca Madina’ of modern medicine system. The hospital has everything which can keep a body alive for days without heart and lungs. This procedure is adopted during open heart surgery and heart transplants. But, why Mr Dave could not be saved from Death?


On 17 May evening 7 PM, Reema  Lagoo, 59 Yrs was shooting for the 200 episode of “Naamkaran”. She felt uneasiness at 9 PM while winding up from the set. She was completely fine till 1 AM on 18 May, when she complained of chest pain. She was taken to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai. She reached hospital in time but declared dead at 03:15 AM due to cardiac arrest. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai is again considered to be best equipped hospital with latest technology, no where less than AIIMS. But, still Mrs. Reema Lagoo could not be saved from death.


These eminent personalities reached in time, the best of hospitals in India. But, could not be saved from death due to cardiac arrest inspite of availability of best of medical professionals, latest technological equipments, best of medicines. It is very clear that no one can be saved from death. It will take place at scheduled time, place and with destined cause. Then-


(1) Why the misnomer that, had the patient reached in time, would have survived, is being propagated to the whole world?


(2) Why do the doctors threaten and warn patients that if they use any other medication, then they may not be responsible? Are they responsible anyways?


Everyone must understand that Birth and Death is an exclusive event independent of any worldly interference. Do not get misguided by anyone. No one can save anyone from these two events. But, there is so called ‘LIFE’ within these events. The life is meant to be lived to it’s fullest. It can only be lived if you are healthy, that means your body is not undergoing through any form of pain; agony and sufferings. We at Zyropathy endeavour to eliminate- Pain; Agony and Sufferings from the life of people by using Zyro Naturals and Food Supplements.


Our Vision- Live Healthy & Die Healthy.


Our Mission – Eliminate Pain; Agony & Sufferings from life of people.


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