Erratic Blood Pressure

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My mother lives in New Tehri Town in the hills of Uttarakhand. She was a patient of High Blood Pressure for 30 years. It was difficult for her as the problem of High BP gets more aggravated in mountains. Her life was full with tension. One day her condition became very serious. We immediately took her to the hospital. Seeing her condition, the doctor advised us that she should be immediately rushed to Dehradun.

She remained unconscious till we reached Dehradun. She was admitted for 15 days in ICU of CMI hospital at Dehradun. Various tests, including MRI and CT scan were carried out during the course of her hospitalisation. The Doctors informed us, that she has suffered, ‘Partial Brain Haemorrhage’ due to the High BP and tension. Slowly she got her consciousness back but her blood pressure became erratic. She recovered back to life due to the treatment by Doctors’, but she became very weak.

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