ear infection treatment


The ear is composed of 3 parts:
The outer ear, which is the visible part of the ear plus the auditory duct that ends at the tympanic membrane.The middle ear, which is formed by 3 small bones that transmit the sound from the tympanum.The inner ear which changes the sound waves to nerve impulses that goes to the brain. The labyrinth, which is responsible for the body’s equilibrium, is found there.

The main symptoms are: An earache is caused by inflammation. Noises may be heard and the ability to hear diminished.

The most frequent causes for infections are:

In the outer ear, dirty water that enters the ear while swimming/bathing.
In the middle ear, bacteria that enters through the nose and throat.
In the inner ear, infections in the middle ear that are transferred into this part of the ear.
Infections in the middle and inner ear are the most dangerous because hearing may be lost if they become chronic.

Includes the intake of a natural antibiotic like Garlic, Echinacea and Vit-A, C, E and the application of 2 drops of antibacterial/antifungal ear drop every 4 hours on the area. This will reduce the inflammation, relieve discomfort and help to fight the infection. In some cases a doctor may need to make a small incision in order to drain the pus from the infection.

How to eliminate earwax:

Do not put objects on your ears, it may be dangerous. The specialists recommend the following: Lay your head on one side and place two drops of any of the following oils inside the ear: , mustard oil, liquid glycerin, mineral oil or almond oil. Allow the oil to penetrate into the ear. Do the same with the other ear, when you stand up the oil will come out, leaving only enough oil to soften the wax.

The next day, get a dropper and fill it with lukewarm water. Put two drops of water slowly into the ear. Allow it to flow in and carry away the softened wax. Do this for two days. Dry your ears with a hair dryer or put in a drop of alcohol in order to get the rest of the water out.

If your ears are stopped up and you cannot hear well, the following is recommended. Mix one tablespoon of glycerin and one tablespoon of salt in ½ a glass of boiled water. With a dropper put 10 drops in each nostril as many times as it is necessary to open the ducts that go from the nostrils to the middle ear. The liquid will drain through the throat.

Warning! In some cases it is necessary to operate in order to drain the ear. If the infection persists, consult your physician.

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