It is a known fact, that if you do not apply appropriate power the desired resultant can not be achieved. The power of the supplements has to be sufficient enough to control and revert the disorder.

I always give an example of “Dhakka Start Gadi” (Push Start Vehicle). If one applies less force than the vehicle will roll but it will never start. Similarly if you reduce the power of supplements the patient may remain stable but not recover.

Recently some of the supplement manufacturers have reduced the power of certain supplements by almost one tenth. As a result number of tablets have gone up to 10 to 15 tablets in single dose to achieve the result which could be achieved in 2 tablets earlier. Most of the people feel that it is overdose but they fail to understand that if appropriate power is not applied patient will not heal. On the other hand no patient is willing to eat so many tablets.

Thus, in prevailing circumstances it is imperative that the patients are given the advised dosage of the recommended supplements instead of the low power supplements which are completely ineffective. I have already clarified earlier that in Zyropathy our primary focus is recovery of patient. Once again it is my humble submission that serve the people earnestly and you will get results which will go a long way in fulfilling your dreams.

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