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The liver and the kidneys are the main filters in charge of cleaning the body of toxins, which come from foods, drugs, the environment, etc.
Symptoms: Some of these toxins tend to be released by the skin, which can cause pimples, secretions and irritation on any part of the body. From these toxins and impurities, it is necessary to undergo a detoxification treatment through fasting or by complete cleansing of the entire digestive track by the process of “Shankh Prakshalan”.Causes: A general poisoning of the body is taking place because of the heavy pollution of air, water and food. The toxins enter in the blood, whether by the consumption of alcohol, smog, smoking, the taking of drugs or eating foods high in toxins like red meat, (especially pork). The effects of this are primarily on the liver and the kidneys which can cause serious problems and diseases.Suggestion:

Method – I –

The best method for complete detoxification is “Shankh Prakshalan”. In this process take about 15 liters of boiled water and allow it to cool. Add salt to taste (Nil Salt for person suffering with High BP). Start drinking water ones it is lukewarm and is easily drinkable. At the first instance drink as many glasses as possible. Avoid vomiting. Continue drinking water with a little gap. Slowly jump on the spot or do little walk for the water to drain down the digestive tract. After sometime, the bowl pressure will increase. After clearing the bowls, continue drinking water till clear water starts passing through motion. Stop drinking as soon as the motion is complete clear water. Thereafter, relax ones the motions stop. Eat very light food i.e. “Thin Khichadi” with lots of Pure Ghee and lime. Avoid eating spicy food for minimum two days.

Warning: Although this procedure is the best for detoxification of the entire digestive tract including liver and kidney but must be done in the presence of an expert.

Method – II

First of all, it is recommended to make a change in diet that includes a tremendous amount of juices, fruits and

vegetables and fiber.  Begin with a fast for 1 to 3 days drinking just orange or grape juice. Daily steam baths are recommended (3-5 days) for the purpose of helping the body expel these toxins. Before beginning the fast, if possible, do an intestinal or colon cleansing using an enema made up of coffee and boiled water.

  • Intestinal cleansing: colon cleansing is recommended by some physicians for completely cleansing the intestine. The retention of putrefied material for a long time intoxicates the organism. There are different types of cleanses depending on the purpose, such as those using chamomile, garlic, lemon or coffee juice. The coffee applied in this form isn’t absorbed and therefore does not affect the intestine.
  • There are two principle types of cleansings: Those that retain the liquid for a short period of time and those that let the liquid flow immediately.

In the case of liver and degenerative problems, Dr. Gerson recommends a daily cleansing with coffee for several days. This cleansing (enema) should be retained for 15 minutes and serves to detoxify the liver and eliminate poisons from the bile.

In his book “A Cancer Therapy Results of 50 Cases,” Dr. Gerson comments, “Coffee enemas help remove toxins from the liver. They often provide quick relief when fatigued, sleepy, or suffering from headaches”.

“A coffee enema, when done properly, opens the bile ducts and causes the liver to produce more bile. In this process, a toxic liver can dump many of its toxins into the bile and get rid of them in just a few minutes. This can provide great relief to all parts of the body.”

Dr. Gerson found that all the caffeine is absorbed from the fluid within 10 to 12 minutes. The caffeine goes through the hemorrhoidal veins directly into the portal veins and into the liver. Cleansings with lemon juice are of the type in which the liquid is let out immediately and are mainly recommended to help eliminate constipation.

For now, we will look at the cleansings (enemas) done with coffee

Take half ltr of boiled or pure water, add 6 small spoonfuls of coffee (not decaf), and let it boil for 3 minutes. Strain, and let it cool. Use once a day for 3 consecutive days before initiating a fast.

Lie down on your right side with both legs drawn in close to the abdomen. Breathe deeply, in order to suck the greatest amount of fluid into the necessary parts of the colon.

The beginning of a fast can produce a bit of a headache, which is normal in detoxification treatments. However, if you previously did the colon cleansing, this effect usually won’t be felt since there aren’t any toxins left to be reabsorbed.

This coffee recipe is recommended by Dr. James F. Balch in his book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”, 1990 pg. 232, as well as being commended by some natural food experts.

Warning! When liver problems become chronic and degenerative they are very dangerous and can even cause death. Consult your physician.

Recommended fast

  • Fast: Orange or grape juice with health drinks which contain Safed Musli or Aloe Vera to be used. Drink through out the day as many times as you wish from 1 to 3 consecutive days. Do not eat any other meals (it may cause loose stools, which is normal). Fast, if possible, after the described colon cleansing.
  • Licorice: Take 2 to 3 capsules of Licorice. Highly recommended for purifying the blood and dealing with liver intoxication. A group of Japanese researchers use a solution of Licorice extract for treating common hepatitis as well as type B hepatitis, improving the liver functions and reducing the amount of toxic enzymes in the blood.

Thereafter, take following anti-oxidants for nutrients for upkeep and efficient functioning of kidney and liver-

The above combination, if taken ones a year will ensure efficient functioning and maintenance of these organs life long.

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