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Cysts are fibrous and abnormal formations of the tissues in the shape of a bag, filed with a runny, semi-runny or pasty content. They are also known as benign tumors.
Cysts may appear on any part of the body, however, the areas where they most frequently occur are: Uterus, Colon, Skin, Breast, Lungs, Stomach, Womb, Throat, Testicles, Ovaries, Prostrate, Neck etc.

Symptoms are: A swelling with pain and in some occasions fever. Depending on the location of the cyst, it may obstruct the flow of fluids or hinder an organ from working correctly. They are located in a fixed place and when they are removed they don’t appear again. On the other hand, malignant or cancerous tumors, besides causing the symptoms mentioned for the benign tumors or cysts, have additional consequences. Malignant tumors may reappear after being removed, and they may cause deterioration of the organ where they are found. Many cysts and also abscesses may be cutaneous. That is, they are in the skin and appear as small, semi-hard ball which, with time, tends to come to a yellowish head like pimple. The treatment is easy in these cases.


For cysts that are in the skin and not infected is to remove them by means of simple surgery, using a local anesthesia. A very important and helpful factor is to stimulate the immune system through adequate nutrition. Japanese studies show that an intense consumption of garlic, Vit-C, Vit – E and Vit -A reduces and in many cases eliminates benign and malignant tumors, causing them to be absorbed and to disappear completely.

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