How Colour Affects Your Life?

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Colours are Integral to our living. Most of us are not aware of How Colour Affects our Daily Lives, Thinking and Feelings

Colour is frequency. It connects our neuro-pathways to our 12 intelligence’s and sends signals to our brain without us even thinking about it.

Some colours are soothing and some are not. Some help us to focus and some are distracting.

With the use of the right colour filters or glasses, Colour is one of the powerful stimuli for our brain.

  • It opens up the brain.3960294-colorful-brain
  • It makes learning easier and fun.
  • It balances a person’s mood.
  • It holds reading material and helps learner to comprehend better.
  • It helps learners to be more logical.
  • It opens our mathematical mind.
  • It opens our creativity.
  • It makes any scientific subject easier to comprehend.
  • It connects what is disconnected in the brain.
  • It helps to overcome dyslexia about 85% of the time.
  • It is one of the tools to help cut homework time in half.
  • It reduces eye strain.

Why some of us have disconnected Neuro-pathways in our brain ?

  • Lack of sufficient time in creeping and crawling. Creeping & crawling help our brain to develop
  • Food allergies and deficiencies in minerals and vitamins.
  • Other emotional and mental stresses.

“We need to use a different type of thinking than the thinking that
created the problem”–Albert Einstein

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