COLITIS (See: Gastritis, Ulcer)

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Colitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon.

The symptoms are: Inflammation in the abdomen, diarrhea and the frequent need to defecate; fever in the abdomen. In some cases the excrement contains a little of blood.

The principle causes are: Nervousness, stress, poor eating habits, and a lack of fiber in foods. Also, an excess of alcohol, coffee and condiments.


  1. Consume lot of fiber, steamed rice and whole wheat, cooked apples, mashed potatoes, papaya and carrots.
  2. Follow a diet lower in fats. Fats and oil increase diarrhea that accompanies colitis.
  3. Lower stress. (See stress).
  4. Eliminate alcohol, coffee, condiments, and hot peppers from your diet. Consume a lot of lightly steamed vegetables.
  5. Take a lot of water especially if you suffer from a stomach ulcer in addition to colitis.
  6. Do a colon cleansing. (Enema and fast).
  7. Eat a little yogurt 2 times a week.

Warning! If there is blood in you stools, consult physician.

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