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Cold is the principal cause of inflammation of the mucous membrane and of excessive mucous discharge.

When this mucous rises and gets deposited in the nasal cavity in the frontal bone and around the eyes, it produces sinusitis (a head cold, sinus infection, See sinusitis).

The symptoms are: Excessive mucous, watery eyes, difficulty in breathing through the nose and sneezing. Another frequent cause is an allergy; although in this case, the mucous is very thin and runs incessantly. When the catarrh is continuous and heavy for several months or years, it tends to spread to the sinus cavity producing sinusitis. If you don’t take care of cold, it can extend into the larynx causing laryngitis and later into the bronchi causing bronchitis. If the mucous is clear and runny it is most likely an allergy (hay fever), and if it is denser and is yellow or green, it is caused by a virus or bacteria and will require antibiotics along with Garlic, Echinacea and Vit- C, E, A.

The causes of a cold and sinusitis can be the result of chills, which irritate the mucous membranes and propitiate the growth of the bacterial or viral infection in the nose and throat (laryngitis), or it can be due to oral hygiene.

Suggestion: Drink lot of water. If the mucous is dense or if you have signs of sinusitis, you should take daily: a natural antibiotic like garlic or garlic capsules, in addition to vitamin A, C & E, also calcium, magnesium and phosphorusVitamin A is indispensable for the health of the mucous membranes. The minerals are required to help vitamin-A function properly and in its mobility from the liver. If you take Echinacea, it will strengthen the body against allergies.

Warning! A neglected cold can become chronic sinusitis or bronchitis or pneumonia. Consult your physician.
To ease a persistent cough, in addition to what has been recommended take bee honey with lemon juice, also drink oregano tea or tea made from the petals of the bougainvillea; it is very effective. Mix ginger and tulsi while boiling the tea, this will also provide some relief.

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