Case of Mouth Cancer due Tobacco Under Treatment at Zyropathy

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One month back this case came to us. Person was a Tobacco addict. He developed this tumour in the left cheek and knew that it is cancer. Did not go to doctor because of the fear of getting diagnosed as Cancer. He had seen many of his Tobacco friends loosing their lives in severe pain, agony and sufferings caused due to surgery, chemo and radiation therapy.

We recommended him supplements and he sincerely took the supplements for a month. The change is evident in the second photo-

  1. There is no further growth of any sort.
  2. Secondary infection in the mouth is almost clear.
  3. The tumour and adjoining areas have softened and has become pinkish in colour.
  4. The nature of tumour appears homogeneous from it’s earlier state of heterogeneous.
  5. Now the tumour has well defined out line instead of it’s earlier deformed shape

We hope that the tumour size will slowly start shrinking. Seeing these improvements, we have reduced the quantity of supplements because of the financial constraints expressed by the patient.

Inspite of these improvements the patient is being advised by relatives and neighbours to go for surgery, chemo and radiation therapy because that is the only treatment of cancer. The patient under these pressure may decide any course of treatment. We feel that if the person continues with supplements we should be able to clear this from his body within next three months.

We wish him all the best and hope the individual continues with recommended supplements for one more month, which will show us reduction in tumour size.

Hunchback Treatment

Case History-Hunchback

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In Hunchback is a condition in which the spine in the upper back has an excessive curvature.





artery blockage



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Ligaments link bones to other bones and provide support to joints. They allow a normal range of movement to occur within a joint, but prevent unwanted movement that would render the joint unstable.In orderto fulfill this function ligaments must possess immense mechanical tensile strength. Ligaments are classified as dense connective tissue, and they consist of a protein substance called collagen.The organisation of collagen fibers gives the ligament  its tensile strength.

Another function of ligaments is to provide input to the brain that allows a person to know what position the joints are in, without having to look. This helps to perform the complex coordinated activities needed for sport.

A normal ligament consists of:

  • 90% Type I collagen
  • 9% Type 3 collagen
  • 1% fibroblast cells (the cells that produce/li>

Type 1 collagen is mature collagen tissue and has the greatest tensile strength. Type 3 collagen is immature collagen tissue and does not provide a great deal of tensile strength to the ligament. After being laid down by fibroblast cells it takes approximately three months for Type 3 collagen to mature into Type 1 collagen. As with other cells in the body, this process of renewal occurs continually.

The Small, Sensitive, Yet Mighty Ligament
Many of our muscles are mammoth structures, like the quadriceps. Ligaments, are generally less than one inch in length, and whose width is measured in millimeters. Yet these small structures must be mighty because they have the job of binding the bones together.

Ligaments have essentially no blood vessels of their own to bring them nutrients. Their nutrition must come from diffusion of nutrients, most likely from the joint itself. This should make it evident to you why ligaments are so easily injured. The small blood vessels to the joint are sheared. The little blood supply that the ligaments had is then cut off. The immune system reacting to the damaged caused to the joint wants to repair the damage, but can not do so if no immune cells can get to the area because of the poor or interrupted blood supply.

The blood supply to the ligaments is the worst at the point where the ligament attaches to the bone,called the fibro-osseous junction.This is the most common area injured and is responsible for most lingering injuries.

When ligament tissue is examined under the microscope it can be clearly observed that the collagen fibers are arranged in longitudinal pattern to resist the stress that is placed upon the ligament.The arrangement of the collagen fibers means that a great deal of force is required to damage ligaments. In a collision sport like football this force is generated by opposition players or when a player catches his foot in the turf and his whole body weight goes over one joint. This force produces structural damage to the joint capsule and ligaments, which is known as a ligament sprain.

Ligament sprains are classified as follow:

GRADE 1 SPRAIN : There is damage to a few collagn fibres,producing a local inflammatory response. This is characterized by pain over the affected ligament.

GRADE 2 SPRAIN : There is damage to a more extensive number of collegen fiber.This Produces a more marked inflammatory response GRADE 1  This is characterised by pain over the affected ligament.

GRADE 3 SPRAIN :The damage to be collagen fibers is such that there is a complete rupture of the ligament. This produces intense pain, joint effusion and marked joint instability. Surgery may be necessary to restore joint stability.

Ligament Repair or Treatment

We think many patients and people suffering from chronic pain do not heal their initial injuries because of improper treatment. This improper treatment generally takes the form of one or all of the following recommendations: Rest, Ice, Immobilization,Bracing. If anyone is suffering from soft injuries follow these methods which will definetly help to heal the injuries. If organic food supplements are conjoined with these therapies the results could be very encouraging. Organic food supplements ensure natural healing of ligaments

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression) Treatment

The R.I.C.E. treatment is the gold standard for pain management and any ligament injuries today. You go to any emergency room or sports trainer with an acute ankle sprain or other ligament injury; you will be given these instructions: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Most people would also receive instructions.This treatment is recommended because ligament sprains are sometimes accompanied by quite a bit of swelling. RICE treatment is very effective at eliminating edema in muscle injury. The main difference between muscles and ligaments is that muscles are massively strong structures with a tremendous blood supply, both outside and inside the muscle. Ligaments, on the other hand, are small tissues that have a poor blood supply both inside and outside of the ligament. Muscles, because of their good circulation, heal quickly and rarely cause a long-term problem, whereas ligaments, due to their poor blood supply, often heal incompletely and are the cause of most chronic injuries and pain.

knee pain



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Dear Sir,
untitledMy Mother Smt Laxmi Priya Lenka of Tentuligadia Charampa Bhadrak Orissa, was a patient a long time as Osteoarthritis. Her knee was not foldable. It was like a stick having no fold capacity at knee. She used to drag the feet instead of walking. I, as a son used to feel helpless as she had almost visited doctors (Allopathiy, Ayurveda & Homeopathy) for 8yrs. Finally she was to go for knee replacement but who is going fund for it. We did not have that much & she is also quite old. We had lots of doubts regarding her health after the surgery. She underwent treatment through food supplements on advice from me under Naresh Sir. Inspite of being guided by close relatives not to go for it as it may harm her. But she had faith in me and went through course. After six months on a religious occasion my mother calls all her children (8 sons & daughters) and in tearful eyes she says “after a long time today she could fold her knees and worshiped God. She added that “your father would have been alive, if this could have come a little before in our life”. That was the moment I felt so great and thanked Naresh Sir & the company making such great value organic food supplements, from the core of my heart. Now she under treatment for Diabetes. Now her blood sugar is under control and she is leading a healthy life.

Supplements for Osteoarthritis of my mother –

Here is my appeal to all caring sons & daughters of the World never ever forget to gift a pack organic food supplement under guidance from Mr Nareshji to your aging parents you can keep their smiles alive throughout their life.

internal burns


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My name is Rasha Sharma. I am 33 years and live in Delhi. I have a young daughter. I was leading a happily married life in my house. We have a joint family and we all live together.


    Rasha Sharma – Before

On 11 Jul 2012, I drank a bottle of Chloric Acid about 200 ml (used for purifying water) in the rage of anger because I could not control my emotions in a family dispute. As I drank Chloric Acid, froth and smoke started coming out from my mouth spontaneously. The blood started coming out with small pieces of flesh. Seeing my condition, my husband rushed me to Sajeevan Hospital in Dariya Gunj. The doctors immediately started treatment. My food pipe and stomach was burnt. I was admitted there for week. Thereafter, we shunted from one hospital to another in search of better treatment. Days became months. During this period a Doctor in Lady Harding Hospital informed us that my food pipe is blocked from three places because I have not eaten anything since last two months. This is the main reason that food is not going inside. I was operated and a small tube was inserted in my stomach so that food can get inside and I can be kept alive. I could now take liquid diet through this pipe and I returned back to my house for the first time from hospital on 31 Aug 12.

I continued on liquid diet till Dec 2012. I was constantly on Glucose and medicines. I body has grown very weak. I was getting weaker and weaker day by day inspite of taking liquid diet. I could not eat anything and I became completely bedridden.

On 9 Jan 2013 my brother learnt about Naresh Ji and we came to meet him. My condition was so bad that I was lying in the back seat of the car, when I came to meet Naresh Ji for the first time. My entire body had diminished, my skin had become black and I weighed 28 Kg.

After examining me and my documents thoroughly, Naresh Ji advised following food supplements –

Vitamin-B 4-4-4 (30 min before meals)
Fiber 1-1-1 (one cup water along with Vitamin-B)
Multivitamin 1-1-1
Vitamin-C 2-2-2
Vitamin-E 1-1-1
Echinicea 3—-3
Iron Folic —2—- (with Lunch)
Protein Powder 1—–1 (with Milk)

Rasha Sharma – After

All these supplements were powdered and inserted in my stomach through the tube because even water could not enter through mouth. After taking the supplements for about a month I could sit on my bed, my skin colour started improving and my weight also started increasing. I started feeling better. This was the first time I found a positive change in my health, although it was about 10% only. This time I came to meet Naresh Ji on my own. The internal wounds due to acid burning had still not healed because pus and blood came out occasionally. Still I could not eat anything from mouth. After taking the recommended supplements for almost 6 months, my internal wounds healed up and pus & blood stopped. My food pipe opened a little and I slowly started taking some liquid from the mouth.


Rasha Sharma with her daughter in lap after treatment

I visited Kamayani Naresh many times in one year. I was recovering very fast. My internal wounds healed up completely by taking regular food supplements. The tube fitted in my stomach was removed and I could eat my food from mouth. Presently I have to eat small meals and I cannot eat normal meals as the case was earlier because the inner lining of my stomach has shrunken resulting into smaller stomach size. In case I eat more I feel vomiting. Doctors suggested that food pipe relocation can resolve the issue of vomiting.

Other than this issue, I am completely healthy and leading my life in a normal manner as before. First time when I met Kamayani Naresh, my body was not in a state to undertake any kind of treatment but now my body is ready for any type of allopathic treatment. In my present condition even Kamayani Naresh Ji have also recommended surgery, provided the issue gets resolved. But, they have recommended some food supplements to be taken for 3 to 4 months after operation for quick recovery.

I am very happy. Today I can lift my daughter in my lap. After drinking acid, I never thought that I will ever be in a condition to take my daughter in my lap. I had lost hopes. My survival was doubtful and even if I survive it was difficult to imagine the condition. But, today I am completely healthy because of the advise given by Kamayani Naresh. The food supplements recommended by them have given me new life. I am thankful to my brother who told me about Kamayani Naresh. I have informed many persons suffering with various ailments about “Zyropathy” the new health system being evolved by Kamayani Naresh. Most of them are deriving the benefits of “Zyropathy”.\

Rasha Sharma

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Osteo Arthritis

A Case History of Osteo Arthritis

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Food Supplements

A Case Study – Muscular Dystrophy

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Chiranjeev Varma

I and my wife had lost all hopes. But, I appreciate and feel proud for the strength and courage shown by my wife. She sacrificed everything for her son. For almost three years, there were no festivals or celebrations for her. She ran to each and every hospital, which were suggested by people. But, someone has rightly said that, “your achievement is a reflection of your struggle”. Finally, On 26 Sep 09, I came across a book, “Healthy Living with Food Supplements” written by Kamayani Naresh. I talked to Naresh Sir for almost 20 minutes, which gave me ‘a ray of hope’ and I decided to give food supplements to my child.

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CH[/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”last”]


Our Feelings
Dear Sir, First of all we would like to thank the God almighty, who created you. We feel indebted to you from the core of our heart, for writing such a great book which is spreading a hope of ray in the lives of millions. We also thank you, for time to time support, which you have provided us in last one year. We felt that food supplements are a great achievement of science of which people are still not aware. We do not say that it is the nectar (amrit) that can make anyone immortal but it is truth that these supplements can bring in a hope of ray in anyone’s life. These feelings can be appreciated only by those people who have used these supplements.

We were blessed with a son on 31 Oct 2001 and we named him “Anmol”. In fact he was very healthy and good looking in the childhood. He started walking in 11 months. Suddenly, when he was 4½ yrs old, the problem started with the fingers of his left foot and gradually progressed in the fingers of the right foot. For 2 years, we kept going from one hospital to another but no one could diagnose the problem. During the said period the disease affected both the legs and gradually shifted to hands. His fingers started getting clutched and he could not open his fist. We made him do exercise and pranayama because we had no other option. His legs started thinning and his veins started looking blackish.

I and my wife had lost all hopes. But, I appreciate and feel proud for the strength and courage shown by my wife. She sacrificed everything for her son. For almost three years, there were no festivals or celebrations for her. She ran to each and every hospital, which were suggested by people. But, someone has rightly said that, “your achievement is a reflection of your struggle”. Finally, On 26 Sep 09, I came across a book, “Healthy Living with Food Supplements” written by Kamayani Naresh. I talked to Naresh Sir for almost 20 minutes, which gave me a ray hope and I decided to give food supplements to my child. We started giving food supplements with effect from 01 Oct 2009 and within 3 months we saw a marked improvement in the condition of Anmol. The condition of Anmol gradually improved and after 365 days he is in much better state. We also made him do exercises. He does his entire work himself, his lower limb and fingers are now tight and functioning normal. He is excellent in academics. Now he plays all games and does cycling independently. I am very satisfied and happy with his recovery and I hope that in another one to two years my son will also start running at par with the children of his age. Then I will send his CPK test report also. In the end I would like to say that medicines cure the diseases but food supplements have important role in the maintenance of your body systems. One must use these supplements in order to understand the benefits. Even if you are loosing something, you will get it back. We thank almighty for everything and we also thank Naresh Sir and our friend Subhas Bhosale and Nayan Patel, who guided us in every step

– Vijay Pal Verma

Nutrilite Products

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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baby“I on behalf of the baby, Pritam Pal and whole family and neighbours want to thank you from our hearts for saving the life of our beautiful baby. My old parents are blessing you, Sir. We all admit that Nutrilite Products & Kamayani Naresh have played a big roll to recover the baby.”

“Once again thanks to Nutrilite and Kamayani, Sir.”
Tanay Kr Pal

It was chilli winter evening in the month of February 08 and we were having dinner, when the sudden ringing of the telephone diverted our attention. The call was on my mobile, which was plugged in for charging after the exhaustive day. The call was from Sgt TK Pal from Bhuj. After, the initial introduction and exchange of greetings, Sgt Pal informed that his nephew aged five years was suffering from “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia” (ALL). His voice was feeble and spoke of the troubled state of his mind. After, discussions for almost an hour, he requested me to take the call of his brother from Kolkata, who will give the details of the disease.

I attended the call of his brother, who gave the details of the blood tests and narrated the condition of the child. After carefully listening the symptoms and reports, I calculated the quantity of various food supplements which were required for the child. After, about 15 minutes of the previous call from Kolkata, I again received a call from Sgt. TK Pal, who noted down the food supplements.

On 21 May 2008, I once again received the call from Sgt. TK Pal. This time his voice was apologetic and frail. He informed me that the child is in critical condition, the Hb is down to 3.90, Leucocytes-680 and Platelets-15,000. The doctors are also helpless in this state. Is there anything, which can save the child? I enquired whether they gave the supplements which I suggested in Feb 08. Sgt TK Pal apologized for not giving the supplements earlier but assured that now he is willing to give what-so-ever is recommended. Upon his assurance, I once again recommended the supplements. The result alongwith minimum supportive documents are appended in succeeding paragraphs for your information.

It is clearly evident from the above story that initially i.e. in the month of February, the brother of Sgt. TK Pal may not have had the faith in the usage of food supplements, which might have been the reason for not using food supplements till May 2008. It appears that the family finally decided to use food supplements, as the last resort, when no options were available. This also indicates that the knowledge of food supplements is very less and limited to only few. It has been observed that people are presumably using food supplements as a substitute for medicines, which should not be the case. It needs to be clearly understood that food supplements optimise the functions of the body organs, enhance immunity and overall well being, which in turn also supports the effectiveness of medicines.

It is reiterated that optimum effectiveness and functioning of anything can only be achieved when everything is at its peak performance. The food supplements support in peaking up the functions of your body organs to its optimum level, which virtually means a healthy body. Thus, to evade the possibility of any degenerative diseases in future everyone needs to understand the role food supplements and use it accordingly.

The results of the use of food supplements in a supportive role alongwith the traditional medicine systems have resulted in reaching a stage of “COMPLETE REMISSION” for Mst Pritam Pal. There may be lakhs and lakhs of Pritam Pal, who are unable to reap the benefits of the food supplements in the supportive role, because of the lack of awareness and knowledge with regard to use of food supplements. We will feel elated and our goal achieved, even if one more Pritam Pal can be saved from the rath of such a deadly disease by anyone after reading this article. We assure you of our unstinted support in future.[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”]

Report of the Child in Critical Condition on 30th May,2008.


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Report of the Child at the time of Complete Remission on 09th September, 2008.




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Above : Compilation of Reports and Food Supplements
given to Master Pritam Pal.
Left : Final Remission Report of Master Pritam Pal.



Letter of Sgt. T K Pal

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Case History – Diabeties

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Letter from Ms Ashwani

Mama & Mami Ji of Ms Ashwani

Mami & Mama Ji of Ms Ashwani

We were having a festive mood in our house, when my mother by touching my hand discovered that I was running with high fever. She showed me to the doctor in the village but did not get any relief. After some days I was taken to the nearby doctor. He gave me five days course but I did not get any relief. My illness increased and I was shown in the hospital where I did not get any relief but our expenses only increased.

Parents took me to the private hospital there I was admitted and given five bottle glucose (I.V.). After which my condition got deteriorated. I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was given some of the tablets but no relief.

Doctors called my parents and asked for the insulin requirement. But my mama ji knew about the medical science. He wanted us to avoid the medicines, but wanted us to cure the disease through food supplements. So first he asked my parents to speak to Naresh ji and know about supplement.

But my father did not agree and took me to the Indore where doctors again did all tests. Doctor again suggested me for the injection of insulin. My parents got worried and took me to another Doctor at Daar. He also suggested the same thing.

Then my parents called mama ji. On his request they spoke to Naresh ji.Naresh ji suggested some of the supplements which I started taking: They were

Supplement M A/N E
Protein 1 1
Multivitamin 1 1
Omega 3 1 1
Vitamin-C 1 1
Vitamin-E 1
Calcium & Mag 2 2
Iron 2 2
Fiber 1 1 scoup 1
Zinsing 2 2
Herbal pwdr 1 1

After taking these supplements within few days I started feeling better. I got a new way to live my life.

My sugar level was initially- 225 to 275. After 45 days- 110 to 140, after 60 days 80 to 110. Finally I got relieved from diabetes.

Herbal pwdr 1 1
Protein 1 1
Multivitamin 1 1
Omega 3 1 1
Vitamin-C 1 1
Zinsing 2 2

Ms Ashwani