Case of Mouth Cancer due Tobacco Under Treatment at Zyropathy

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One month back this case came to us. Person was a Tobacco addict. He developed this tumour in the left cheek and knew that it is cancer. Did not go to doctor because of the fear of getting diagnosed as Cancer. He had seen many of his Tobacco friends loosing their lives in severe pain, agony and sufferings caused due to surgery, chemo and radiation therapy.

We recommended him supplements and he sincerely took the supplements for a month. The change is evident in the second photo-

  1. There is no further growth of any sort.
  2. Secondary infection in the mouth is almost clear.
  3. The tumour and adjoining areas have softened and has become pinkish in colour.
  4. The nature of tumour appears homogeneous from it’s earlier state of heterogeneous.
  5. Now the tumour has well defined out line instead of it’s earlier deformed shape

We hope that the tumour size will slowly start shrinking. Seeing these improvements, we have reduced the quantity of supplements because of the financial constraints expressed by the patient.

Inspite of these improvements the patient is being advised by relatives and neighbours to go for surgery, chemo and radiation therapy because that is the only treatment of cancer. The patient under these pressure may decide any course of treatment. We feel that if the person continues with supplements we should be able to clear this from his body within next three months.

We wish him all the best and hope the individual continues with recommended supplements for one more month, which will show us reduction in tumour size.

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