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Many people say that, ‘life is a business’, but have you ever wondered what this ‘business’ is in life? You would be surprised to know that this business starts at the time of our very first breath and ends with the last one. The term ‘TIME’, virtually denotes the period of life from the moment of our inception to our death. The most precious thing god has given us is ‘TIME’. The almighty has given us time without discriminations of any sorts. But how many of us realize this? Most people pray to God, throughout their lives, so that their wishes may be granted and others blame the God for not giving them anything, even though God has given them something very valuable, and that is ‘TIME’. In the real terms we all trade time without understanding its value. What-so-ever we are today is a direct reflection of the way we used our time in the past and similarly what-soever we will be in the future would be a consequence of the way we utilize our time now. Indeed we are all in the business of trading time, success and failure are the reflections of the individual’s ability to trade time.

A pragmatic analysis reveals that whatever one has in life is a result of trading their time. During infancy you trade your time for feeding (or consumption), love and affection. In your childhood you trade your time acquiring education and developing hobbies. Similarly in adulthood you trade time for job and time2family related matters. Finally in the old age there is a tradeoff between time a n d fighting diseases or cherishing old memories. This means that whether one is educated or uneducated, successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor, happy or unhappy, everything depends on the way you trade your time. Remember, it can be traded only once and cannot be exchanged again. TIME, therefore, is the most valuable commodity one possesses, and hence we must take conscious decision in trading time.

Another important thing that comes to mind is that,’How much time do we have?’ This is difficult to answer because life is like a ray, which has a source of origin, but no end! The end of life is marked by a point, which transforms this ray into a segment, which can be measured. Therefore life span can only be measured when it ends, where the individual has no control. It is therefore advised that each moment of life should be spent judiciously and in a manner resulting in good business.

TimeThe uncertainty of life makes us casual with respect to time. We do not appreciate the value of time and eventually we come to blame our failures on destiny.

The Importance of time does not need any elaboration. Everyone gives the advice-‘use time judiciously’ and backs it up quotes such as ‘time is money’, but I could never understand how time could be converted into money. But, now I understand the simple formula for the conversion of time into money.

Time = Money

Here wage/hour depends on an individual’s educational qualification and experience. According to the above formula, the factors which affect the potential wealth of a person are:

  1. Wage/hour
  2. Time spend working.

Wages depend on the individual’s educational qualifications and experience. Both factors which affect the wages, i.e. education and experience have to be balanced in a manner such that the maximum (optimum) wage is acquired. Any misbalance between the two will only reduce the wages. However, most of the people do not understand this and continue their education for a longer time than required. For example, if an individual pursues his studies till the age of 40, then he would be lacking in experience and therefore he would not get any job that would maximize his wages. A similar situation arises when a person has lots of experience but not sufficient educational qualifications to back him up for an optimum wage. Only a right balance would help any individual attain his maximum wage. On the other hand, time is limited. We have only 24 hours in a day. Therefore income of a person remains limited as both the factors which affect the earnings of an individual are limited. If any individual wants to earn an income more than what his constraints have confined him to, he would have to somehow increase his time factor.

The above formula appears to have been clearly understood by the industrialists, who purchase other people’s time, using it in their endeavor to increase their income. This is the main reason for their growth and prosperity. However in the existing scenerio the best method to increase time without any financial liability is ‘Networking’. Therefore, take keen interest in understanding and application of the principles of networking to enhance your prosperity.

As life is a business of trading time, it is recommended that we must all utilize it to the best of our advantage. We must not pass time because it is the most precious thing in life. It would be better to dream than to waste time, as it would put considerable impact on our actions and destiny.

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