Inflammation of the bursa, or bursa, or sac-like cavity, which contains a lubricating liquid located between the joints, muscles and bones making movement easier by lessening friction. The symptoms are: Soreness and pain that limits movement, inflammation in the joints, muscles, tendons and bones. There is a tendency for fluid to collect between joints and muscles with small sacks. This occurs most frequently in the shoulders, elbows, knees and feet.

The most common causes are: Blows, strained muscles, tight shoes, irritation caused by calcium deposits inside the bursas of the joints, stress or nutritional deficiency. Suggestion: In chronic cases bursitis can be operated upon; however it is better to eliminate the problem naturally by taking

vitamin A, E, C & B5. Positive results have been obtained by taking four Vitamin-B Complex daily for 30 days. Slowly reduce to 2 times a day for 30 days, and then lower to once a day for 30 days. According to an article in the “Ind. Med. And Surge. (1957)”, the calcium deposits that caused Bursitis were absorbed by the body.

  • If you have pain, rest.
  • Apply hot and cold compresses alternately for 10 minutes each. This should help to ease pain.

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