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I am Suman, Manju’s mother and I live in Rajokari, New Delhi. I suffered from typhoid, when I was carrying Manju. In addition, Manju did not cry at birth. At the time of birth, her entire body was covered with boils filled with watery liquid.

Doctors applied some ointment and next day they discharged us from the hospital. I started taking day to day care of Manju and she started growing. After few months, I felt that Manju’s is late in picking up activities as a child.

She could not walk even till one and a half year age. She was getting seizures from the time of birth itself but I did not know. I came to know that Manju is a mentally retarded child, only when the doctor told me during a routine medical checkup.

As Manju grew, we sent her to a special school in Vasant Kunj i.e.- “Nav Jyot”. She was ahead in all activities amongst other children in that school. She was the best student in the school. After Class-3, we sent her to, “Akshay Pratisthan” school. Manju was very good in sports, dancing, singing, studying and drawing in comparison to other children in the school. Once she had gone to Bhopal for sports meet.

She was only accompanied by her teacher without parents and won the first prize in the competition. She also actively participated in many competitions organized in Delhi and won many certificates and prizes. Till 14-15 years of age, Manju was perfectly fine. But, suddenly she again started getting seizures.

Initially, the seizures occurred once in 5-6 months but later frequency increased to once in 5-6 days time. In January 2011, we showed her in Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon. The doctors informed that she has brain tumor.

Thereafter, we went to AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi. The doctors in AIIMS also informed that she has brain tumor and the date of operation was scheduled 6 months later.

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