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We are all born free and equal. Choice is ours. How we look at things. If the sun, the moon, stars, air, and matter do not compromise to keep us happy. Why should we mortals set others suffer for being high, low, rich or poor. Strive to help all equally, Let the prayers uttered today bring place and everlasting happiness in the New Year to all joyfully.


Bomb blasts…… Churches burnt……child killed……… States in terror……. CM spites NSG’s family……. CM says terror – attack on Taj was a small episode …… trains burnt……. North –East under fire….. that’s how our morning begins when news are heard. I become little uneasy to start my day comprehending, will the day go safe for me? The reason is my little bundles of joy (school children) at times send shivers down my spine by getting injured during play hours. They get saved because a humane heart weeps for them and they are given the best in trying times. The biggest query in celebrating life today is that “Why are we existing in a strife–torn World?.The materialistic world preaches –Eat, drink, and be merry Do we really make merry and lets others do too?

Our biggest religion is that we must adopt the virtues of astute discipline and help others to get rid of their woes. This kind of life and existence is not made by simple book readings and talks. We have to enlive such virtues.We must not ill treat anyone just in the name of religion. We are all born free
and equal. All our Lords and goddesses whom we worship were treasures of a virtuous life. It is very disheartening what is happening around our own motherland. Not a day passes now when we don’t get a news of a bomb blast in any state North, West, East or South of India. Is this a motion that we are living a non- religions life? Or we have become too greedy? I am grieved to feel that Indians have no time to wake up and work for this.

The morning of Twenty –Nineth, November’08 caught my extraordinary busy life in an unlively may. I have never been glued to the television before like that day when my perceptions wanted to know “Will that notorious terrorist be caught alive or killed through?” Quarter past eight, when my feet dragged me reach my workplace on time, my conscience had ceased my movements. The mind was focused, “will Taj be relieved of terror before ten in the morning.” The Indian heart in me wept. I recalled my past when India was gripped by the terror of Khalistan forces. My terrified memories still wake me up from my sleeps. Witnessing such acts of terrorism since 1982 and anti-sikh riots incidents of 1984, I keep asking myself, why do I exist in such a world? May be these incidents have left an undraping mark on my mind that turned me to be more humane. In 1984, my Grandpa was travelling back from Delhi to our village when the rioters had seized to kill him. But a Muslim driver took charge of his bus and drove my Grandpa as the sole passenger back to safety. The driver was lavished with gifts and surprised money but he refused all. Was it an act of extreme humanism or a lesson to be learnt by us forever? People say, pain ends through the coming years. Many readers would agree but have we really seen peace since 1947? Do we need a sacred light to save us? Or we keep choosing a wrong set of democratic government time and again.

This is the moment when we have to answer ourselves. “Those who came through boats were defeated by our skilled commandos but isn’t it the time to worry more about our foes who have entered our existence through our votes. How long shall we live in captivated fears?The truly virtuous nation will be one where rich, poor, Hindus, Muslims, Jews Christians, Sikhs, Parsees will really be treated alike. Our glowing existence must be a terror –free one.

Our existence dwells in the philosophy of mind. Always remember- “ Who is the YOU, nobody knows, the secret ‘YOU’ is concealed from public view, the deep inner self which we fear to open up, you have to loosen your tight clasp, of your virtuous thoughts, wake up from slumber of ignorance and reach out to others, you will find people not only like your ways, they stand up to respect and admire you. Respect the value of time, success of perseverance, pleasure of working, worth of character, power of kindness, virtue of patience, improvement of talent and above all the joy of originating. You will see that the days brighten up not only for self but for others around us”.

Part of the excerpt is from the religious message delivered at YMCA,Port Blair by the writer on the occasion of world YMCA week of Prayer and World Fellowship on 13th November- 2008.

Dr. Sarabjeet Jagpal

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