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“The human body is the miracle of physical, chemical and biological amalgamation”.

The inclusion of this topic became mandatory because of the poor knowledge people posses with regard to their own body. This topic is essential for everyone, who desire to know about their body and its functions. In the succeeding issues under this topic we will bring you surprises with regard to your own body.

You live with your body every second and yet you know very less about how it works in comparison to many gadgets in your own house. A man driving his own car knows more about the inner workings of the complex machinery than he does about his own stomach. The woman in the kitchen, cleaning the refrigerator, takes better care of her household hardware than she does of her lungs.

It is astonishing to note that how ignorant most of us are, about the basic features of our body organs. Although, we treasure them but we abuse them. Familiarity breeds not contempt, perhaps, but at least complacency. We think we understand our anatomy simply because it is us and we are it. But we mislead ourselves. Bodily speaking we are mostly literates.

We normally realize the sufferings of our organs and tissues only when fall seriously ill. Thereafter, we go to enormous lengths to correct the body failure that has struck us down. Over the centuries we have accumulated vast medical knowledge and experience that enables us to treat the symptoms of the most savage of diseases. Broken bodies can be mended and sick ones cured with a dazzling array of surgical techniques and pharmaceutical wonder drugs. But, “Prevention is better than Cure” is an old saying and still stands good.

It is as if human nature has to be faced with a disaster before it will take a problem seriously. And so it is that, in a world where you can be definitely cured of major ailments, you are still likely to suffer repeatedly, every year, from a whole range of minor afflictions- from inflammations to indigestion, from backaches to headaches. Stand outside any one of the thousands of the chemists’ shops across the country and watch the sufferers pouring in for the tablets; powders; sprays and ointments. Do they know how they succumbed? Do they know precisely what failure occurred within their body systems? The chances are that they simply take it for granted that from time to time “things go wrong” and also believe that it is only the doctor who understands and can provide relief in the suffering.

We believe that by reading these topics, people will appreciate the health issues much better. We live in a world full of toxins, exhaust gases, harmful smoke, highly polluted water, adulterated food mixed with high content of harmful pesticides & insecticides, badly ventilated accommodations and working spaces, and to add fire to the fuel an environment full of stress & strain. Occasionally we are bound to fall prey to a pollutant or a pathogen. But if we understand the workings of our bodies better than most of us do at present, we would certainly increase the chances of resisting these attacks, providing, of course, that we acted on our new knowledge and respected our body organs rather more than we do now. We might start using them a little more sympathetically and, in return, they might fight off more vigorously the millions of microscopic invaders that surround us all the time.

It would be worth noting that we don’t really “catch” minor ailments, we merely stop resisting them efficiently. We abuse our body systems in many ways and in turn lower the defenses. If it was not so, if we really “caught” diseases which our “perfectly healthy” bodies failed to defeat, then it would follow that people like doctors and nurses, who are daily exposed to hordes of sick patients, would themselves be almost permanently ill. But this is not the case. They are healthier than the rest of us. Their secret, perhaps, is that, unlike most of us, they do understand the needs of their body systems rather well, and play a fewer discordant notes on their body organs. Secondly the immunity system
of their body is much higher than the individuals.

We would go so far that, if after reading the topics under this heading, even if you slightly mend your ways, you will stand a good chance of living a little longer and a little stronger. You have to know what your lungs like to breathe better, and you have to know how your stomach operates to improve your digestion.

To learn these things you may, in the past, have turned to medical volumes, flipped through the pages, and given up, utterly confused by all the technical details. Or you may, at the other extreme, have listened to endless “Old Wives’ tales” and become laden with false ideas about the physiology of the human system. Or again, you may have avidly devoured the contents of a pathology textbook , convincing yourself in the process that you are suffering from everything.

If you are not a doctor or a nurse, forget the medical jargon and the technical phrases, and the “Old Wives’ tales.” Turn instead to the commonsense, read ‘Healthy Living with Food Supplements’ and examine the basic functions of your body, objectively and without fuss, without talking down and without binding you in the science. Learn how each organ works and what it needs to enable it to operate perfectly. Keep this knowledge at the back of your mind and act on it whenever possible. You won’t always manage to do this, but where there is a chance you will know how to take it.

We said keep this knowledge at the back of your mind, and I want to emphasize that point, because to become too interested, too obsessed with your body, is almost as bad as ignoring it, for that way lies hypochondria, a common condition which, apart from anything else, is extremely boring for your friends. Despite all I have been saying, the human body is a miracle of physical, chemical and biological amalgamation. It makes even the biggest computer look like a cheap toy, and it is capable of incredible self restorative measures. All it needs is a little help from you, a little less abuse from your careless ways. And that is where these topics will help.

You may argue that your body, having evolved over millions of years as a miraculous piece of zoological machinery, ought to be able to run itself without any help, even from the pages of this magazine, but there is a basic error in this view. For that we are no longer living in the environment in which we evolved. During the past few hundred years, with an industrial revolution and a population explosion-behind us, we have reached a point of no return.

So ultimately, it is a matter of balance: not over-obsessive hypochondria on one hand, nor reckless, body-rending ignorance on the other. And hopefully, after each of your body-organ has spoken to you, simply and straightforwardly in the chapters that follow, you will respect their points of view and give them a better chance to a carry out their unbelievably complex functions, and to serve you in the years to come.

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