Beware of counter Consultancy

Yesterday, an old patient of mine came to me for review after 5 months. He was suffering from multiple Gall Bladder Stone & Kidney Stones along with Depression, Constipation and Gas. He came to me in Nov 2015.
After seeking consultancy, he took supplements for around a month. Thereafter, to be doubly sure he contacted one of our old patients to confirm, whether Gall Bladder Stone can also be removed with combination of supplements in Zyropathy. In addition to confirming, the person also discussed the supplements recommended. He did not discuss all his health issues, but expressed his grievance with respect to high cost of supplements.
The person whose Gall Bladder stone was flushed out by Zyropathy took extra initiative of helping the other guy and reduced the supplements without knowing other associated health issues of the other person. As a result, this person came to me and complaint that my stones have reduced but the condition of my depression has further aggravated in spite of taking the supplements recommended by you.
On further discussion, he revealed the story. When, I looked at his prescription, I found that all supplements which were for Depression were curtailed by the other gentleman. Now, this person is required to eat enhanced combination of supplements for longer duration, which will entail extra expenditure. Has he followed the recommended dosage for two months and sought regular consultancy as advised he would have been completely alright by now.
In light of the above, I request everyone not to seek COUNTER CONSULTANCY from ex-patients because every individual’s problem is different. One may get harmed unintentionally.
“Zyropathy”-New Era Healing System.
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