Know Us

We, Kamayani Naresh were fortunate to come across with organic food supplements incidentally around 12 years back. We did not know that it was Gods! Special plan.

We were destined to support humanity, the most unique creation of God! in their sufferings, agony and pain. Serving humanity is serving God. We were envisioned to use organic food supplements, discover the combinations which can support in various ailments.

It was merely a co-incidence that one of our close friend who was returning from US came to meet us at Mumbai. During his stay, we discussed the health challenge we were facing. We had visited almost every renowned hospital in the country but to no avail.

We had lost hopes and we assumed that we will have to live our entire life with the problem. Our friend gave us few bottles of organic food supplements.

We took the food supplements with an intrinsic fear that these may also not work for us as was the case with all other medications we had taken till then. But, our presumption proved to be wrong and within a month we could feel the difference.

We decided to continue with the supplements. We requested our friend to send us another set of supplements. By the time second consignment got over, we had almost 70% relief in our problem.

With the third consignment it appeared as if we had no issue at all. This gave us the vision that the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals is possibly the main cause of degenerative diseases.

The above incidence made us understand the power of combinations of organic food supplements. We started analyzing various ailments and the probable deficiency that could have possibly resulted in the ailment.

We used the combination on some of our close relatives and friends. The results were very encouraging. This made us more confident and we started supporting those who came across us.

By 2006, we had already supported more than five thousand patients. Most of the patients who benefited from the combinations of food supplements desired that this knowledge should be scripted.

As a result we released the first edition of our book, “Healthy Living with Food Supplements” in English and Hindi simultaneously in Jun 2007.

The book was a great success. Within two months of the launch we were back to the press for reprinting of the books. The revised edition of the book was launched in 2010 and the third edition has been recently released in Jun 2011.

Presently the book is available in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Assamese and is under translation in Urdu.  We also launched a bi-monthly, bi-lingual magazine titled, “Zyro” in Jul-Aug 2010.  The highlights of the magazine are a topic on human body, wherein your organ speaks to you, a factual case study & feedback on usage of combination of organic food supplements beside various other health related topics on pollution, adulteration, fruits, vegetables and products. The “Zyro” has spread like fire in last one year. We are also providing consultancy services to the seriously ill patients on prior appointment basis.

We firmly believe that, “The art of medicine consists in entertaining the patient while Nature cures the illness“. By using combination of food supplements, we improve the biological functioning and ensure chemical balancing of the cells. Thereafter, the repair is done by the cell itself.

Now-a-days, old age has become a synonym of disease. Our endeavour is that people may grow old but remain healthy.  The death is an inevitable fact. Therefore, we desire that everyone should die healthy.

We envision that in next few decades, the prevailing medicine system will survive mainly for three things– (a) Infectious Diseases (b) Emergency Handling and (c) Surgery. Rest all diseases will be resolved through the right combination of organic food supplements, natural water and pollution free air.