Kamayani Naresh, Founders of Zyropathy is an ordinary couple with a visionary outlook. Naresh being a native of Chitrakoot which is known for its abundance in medicinal herbs had already witnessed effectiveness of herbs in various ailments. The presence of innumerable medicinal plants and herbs is one of the reasons why Chitrakoot has been famous in history. Kamayani, an ex-high school teacher and Naresh a navy veteran tied nuptial cord in 2007, to become Kamayani Naresh as founders of new health system. Inspired by the patients who benefitted from their advice, they published a book titled, “Healthy Living with Food Supplements” in Hindi and English followed by other native languages in subsequent years, The book was written in common parlance intended to spread awareness in people about various diseases, their symptoms and supplements helpful in recovery against them. The book educated many giving a chance to think beyond the current medicine system. In 2010, a bilingual, bimonthly health journal titled, “Zyro” was launched to spread the developments in the field of Zyropathy.

The chromosomal beginning of Zyropathy dates back nearly three decades. It was not known that the introduction to supplements will lead to the formation of a new health system for humanity. It primarily started with self relief and slowly spread through friends and relatives to masses. Improvement in people’s health and conditions triggered a spark in the mind of Kamayani & Naresh, that supplements have a major role in repair and maintenance of human body. Although the name Zyropathy came into its being much later but the ideology had started firming up its roots. With time the number of people seeking advice started growing, which necessitated further self study of human physiology, organ systems and their role. Soon, with experience, knowledge and effective results, Zyropathy a New Healing System came into existence.

The word ‘Zyro’ means ‘Helping Humanity’ and thus ‘Zyropathy’ is a system for serving and helping humanity. Zyropathy has redefined health and healthy living.


 Most of the ailments today are either due the deficiency of essentials or because of the dysfunctional status of the non-essential system within. Zyropathy uses combination of food supplements for fulfilling the deficiency of essentials and zyro naturals for activating dysfunctional non-essential systems inside the body. It eliminates the root cause of diseases by stimulating the natural healing ability of the body. Zyropathy believes that immunity is the key to repairing and maintaining a living organism. The natural derivatives of plants and minerals are most suitable for repairing human body as they strengthen our immunity naturally. In last two decades Zyropathy has supported more than seventy thousand patients across seventeen countries suffering with various ailments. Zyropathy has achieved tremendous popularity by word of mouth because of its promising results even in serious cases, where other medicine systems failed miserably. It needs to be understood that medicines may be helpful in controlling diseases but disorders can only be cured by using combination of supplements and zyro naturals. It is envisioned that Zyropathy will be the leading health system throughout the world in next few decades.

Zyropathy deals with every ailment from Cancer to Cough and head to toe. It is a non-invasive and painless system of medication without any side effects. Zyropathy is extremely effective in Neurological issues, Paralysis, Brain Hemorrhage, CAD, RHD, Hypertension, Pulmonary Hypertension, CKD, Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Disc Slip, Cervical, Avascular Necrosis (AVN), Migraine, Epilepsy, Seizures, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, ILD, COPD, Ulcer, All types of Cancer, Allergies, Eczema, Psoriasis, Liver Psoriasis,  Muscular Dystrophy, Infertility, Tube Block, Low Sperm Count, White Discharge, PCOD, Cysts & Fibroids in Uterus, Irregular Periods, Hormonal Imbalance, Cysts & Fibroids in Breasts, Piles, Gas, Acidity, Constipation and many more. 

Zyropathy originated in India and has the potential to put it on top of the Global Health platform. 

Zyropathy identifies the root cause of prevailing ailments and uses a combination of zyro naturals as recommended by Zyropaths and eliminates the root cause naturally. Zyro naturals are uniquely designed using the basic medicinal properties of herbs and plants which strengthens our immunity and supports in the recovery against all diseases. There are numerous companies manufacturing food supplements for maintenance of good health. None of the companies proclaim to cure diseases/disorders but Zyropathy has witnessed thousands of cases getting cured by using combination of food supplements and zyro naturals.


A disease/disorder may exist for long but it never attracts the attention of an individual till symptoms starts affecting everyday functionality. Most of the people do not understand the difference between diseases/disorders and their symptoms. People visit doctors and hospitals with symptoms, medication is prescribed which only controls symptoms but do not address the root cause of the disease. In addition to that there are side effects of these medications that end up damaging other body organs/systems. As soon as the medication is stopped the symptoms resurface. The procedure of recommendation to higher specializations and bigger hospitals start. This continues till the individual succumbs mentally, physically and financially. In many cases, individual who started with one health issue at the age of 35-40 dies with multiple health issues including the first one. The question to be asked here is to why are we patronizing and supporting such a system which is generating more illness and does not cure any. 

The rampant use of antibiotics, steroids, immunosuppressants, unethical surgery and voluminous multifarious corruptions will soon become the cause of debacle for the prevalent medicine system. Awareness about all these issues is in the upward swing in masses. Everyone knows about the harmful effects of medicines and therefore is in search of another health system which provides genuine relief and repairs us without any side effects. Zyropathy strives to become the solution that we all seek by helping humanity without compromising our health.

Vision Zyropathy – People to Live and Die Healthy.

Mission Zyropathy – Eliminate Pain, Agony and Sufferings due to Ailments.