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You spend plenty on special skin care products. But are so many products really necessary? We help you decide which of those bottles and jars are really essential. BODY WASH OR SOAP BAR The idea of using a bar of soap when there are so many fancy bottles body wash lining the shelves is surely unfashionable. But which is more effective? Promoters of liquid cleansers claim that these are gentler than bathing bars as they contain large amounts of petrolatum  an ingredient that moisturises and lubricates the skin.

Undoubtedly soap bars are more alkaline and have a dehydrating impact on the skin. “Body washes are a more convenient and hygienic option for bathing and they spread easily over the skin. They have hydrating and nourishing ingredients too,” On the flip side, conservatives claim that the moisturising property of liquid cleansers makes them less effective at removing dirt and reducing body odor.

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