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Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix, normally through an infection. The appendix is a thin tube-like sac filled with lymphatic tissue (tissue that absorbs toxins). It is located at the base of the colon on the right side below the stomach. Although its exact usage by the body is not known for sure, it is believed to serve to remove toxic material from the intestine.

Symptoms : A slow sharp pain that begins next to the navel but soon the pain shifts and moves to the right side. Later, feelings of nausea can occur as well as vomiting, a loss of appetite, constipation and fever.

How to identify appendicitis:

Lay the person down on a bed, pressing on the abdomen with two fingers from the right side and up from the groin until pain is felt. Now quickly remove the fingers. If there is a sharp pain when you remove your fingers (rebound tenderness), it is likely that the person has appendicitis or peritonitis. If there is no pain, repeat the probe on the left side (in some cases it may be that the intestine has moved).

a) If the symptoms are those of appendicitis or peritonitis, get medical help immediately. It is likely that an operation is necessary to remove the appendix.

b).        Eat and drink sparingly.

c).        Take Echinacea which, will increase the immunity and will reduce the infection.

This is very important because the appendix can burst. This will drain the infection in to the intestinal tissue, which is very serious. Take Echinacea, and Vit C and Vit E (antioxidants), which can combat or prevent any infection. Whatever you do, you should seek medical help immediately because only a doctor can diagnose appendicitis and decide whether or not to operate.

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