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Anxiety, restlessness and anguish are mental states that are displayed as feelings of insecurity, worry and the outlook that something terrible is going to happen.Symptoms: A feeling of insecurity and that something terrible is going to happen. Anxiety is like restlessness and exhibits itself as light or superficial anguish. Anguish, on the other hand, is a deep and indeterminable sense of fear, where most often the cause is unknown.

CausesThe causes can vary greatly, but those that we can cite are:

  1. Traumatic experiences in the past
  2. Excessive stress
  3. Current difficult situations that risk our family’s security or our own.
  4. Uncontrollable obsessive thoughts in which the person’s imagination goes beyond reality.
  5. Inadequate nutrition.
  6. Excessive stimulants, drugs or alcohol.


It’s important to have a psychological analysis or self analysis done to discover the cause of the problem. This analysis should be done by a psychologist or someone who can help determine the root of the problem. In addition to going to a psychologist, we can relieve our uneasiness with nutritious food and/or herbs.

1.  Ginkgo Biloba is an excellent plant, which helps the memory and brain functions.

2.  Eliminate alcohol and beverages with caffeine (coffee, cola, black tea, etc) along with refined sugar.

3.  Vitamin B1 or thiamin is indispensable for brain functions; calcium and magnesium help the nervous system    to function better, as well as vitamins B9 and B12 and the amino acid Tryptophan, which are indispensable for the production of serotonine and non-adrenaline, substances for neurotransmission.

4. Meditation and relaxation also help, along with the practice of Yoga in order to considerably decrease anxiety.

Warning: when your nervousness gets to the extreme point of having panic attacks, headaches, gastritis, shortness of breath, chest pains and a deep and ongoing anguish, consult your physician or a psychologist.

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