anorexia nervosa treatment


It is manifested as a rejection for food, which causes a loss of appetite as well as a loss of weight. In several cases, hospitalization may be necessary.
The symptoms are: Total loss of desire to eat, serious weight loss, lack of appetite, hair loss due to lack of proteins and nutrients, vomiting, ceasing of menstrual cycle, low blood pressure, weak pulse.This illness occurs mostly in young women who fear getting fat. Due to dieting without supervision. It causes the stomach to no longer process food and steadily closes down, eventually rejecting all food. If it is not controlled, medical help will be required, since it can become very serious.The causes are nervous and psychosomatic in origin. The belief that not eating will help a person to become thinner and the habitual practice of forcing oneself to vomit after eating (Bulimia) causes the stomach to become accustomed to not working and close up.Suggestion:Some doctors recommend taking mega dosages of multi-vitamins and multi-mineral. I have treated various cases of anorexia nervosa with good results, giving psychological support to motivate eating, and suggesting additional nutrients to be consumed.

Warning! If a person becomes thinner each day, continues losing hair, and does not respond to treatments, it could be a very dangerous condition. Consult your physician immediately.

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