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An allergy is a reaction by the body (Immune system) to certain substances, such as foods, flowers, animal fur, dust or some plantsThe symptoms are: continual sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, ears, throat and skin, and the presence of clear liquid mucous.

Causes: It has been found that in some cases the allergy is due to an inflammation produced in the tissues by some type of bacteria or staphylococcus that continues to irritate (inflame) this area. The tissues become very sensitive to particular strains of dust, pollen, odors, etc. The allergy is a response by the body (Immune system), not an illness in itself.

An allergy is a reaction produced mainly by pollen, hay, grass, dogs, cats, household dust, foods, or strong odors like those from certain sprays or perfumes. In some cases, allergic sages, seafood, etc. can reach toxic levels. For the most part, allergies are hereditary.


To determine what things you are allergic to, and avoid them as best as possible. A healthy, well nourished body is more resistant to allergies.

Allergies are generally hereditary and quite frequently psychosomatic. You should quit smoking until you discover what is causing the allergy. Also, avoid chocolate, coffee, citrus fruits, canned foods, etc., as well as dust and family petsbecause their fur is a major cause of allergies.

You should study each of these things and try to determine the cause of the allergy. One thing, which has been found to be effective, is to take something to strengthen the immune system, like Echinacea along with Vit – A, C & E which will also support a healthy and well nourished body.

Take out all rugs from your home since they have a tendency to collect lint. Choose pillows made of synthetic materials so they can be washed easily.

It is also recommended: to take raw, unfiltered honey everyday. It immunizes the body due to the quantity of pollen it contains.

Warning! If you are experiencing a serious allergic problem or reaction, or if because of a bee sting or ant bite you get a rash all over your body, and your eyelids and face swell, these are signs that you could be experiencing anaphylactic shock (a serious allergic reaction that can, in some cases, lead to death). If you hear a whistling (hissing) in your lungs, or if the irritation caused by the allergy becomes infected, consult your physician immediately.

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