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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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baby“I on behalf of the baby, Pritam Pal and whole family and neighbours want to thank you from our hearts for saving the life of our beautiful baby. My old parents are blessing you, Sir. We all admit that Nutrilite Products & Kamayani Naresh have played a big roll to recover the baby.”

“Once again thanks to Nutrilite and Kamayani, Sir.”
Tanay Kr Pal

It was chilli winter evening in the month of February 08 and we were having dinner, when the sudden ringing of the telephone diverted our attention. The call was on my mobile, which was plugged in for charging after the exhaustive day. The call was from Sgt TK Pal from Bhuj. After, the initial introduction and exchange of greetings, Sgt Pal informed that his nephew aged five years was suffering from “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia” (ALL). His voice was feeble and spoke of the troubled state of his mind. After, discussions for almost an hour, he requested me to take the call of his brother from Kolkata, who will give the details of the disease.

I attended the call of his brother, who gave the details of the blood tests and narrated the condition of the child. After carefully listening the symptoms and reports, I calculated the quantity of various food supplements which were required for the child. After, about 15 minutes of the previous call from Kolkata, I again received a call from Sgt. TK Pal, who noted down the food supplements.

On 21 May 2008, I once again received the call from Sgt. TK Pal. This time his voice was apologetic and frail. He informed me that the child is in critical condition, the Hb is down to 3.90, Leucocytes-680 and Platelets-15,000. The doctors are also helpless in this state. Is there anything, which can save the child? I enquired whether they gave the supplements which I suggested in Feb 08. Sgt TK Pal apologized for not giving the supplements earlier but assured that now he is willing to give what-so-ever is recommended. Upon his assurance, I once again recommended the supplements. The result alongwith minimum supportive documents are appended in succeeding paragraphs for your information.

It is clearly evident from the above story that initially i.e. in the month of February, the brother of Sgt. TK Pal may not have had the faith in the usage of food supplements, which might have been the reason for not using food supplements till May 2008. It appears that the family finally decided to use food supplements, as the last resort, when no options were available. This also indicates that the knowledge of food supplements is very less and limited to only few. It has been observed that people are presumably using food supplements as a substitute for medicines, which should not be the case. It needs to be clearly understood that food supplements optimise the functions of the body organs, enhance immunity and overall well being, which in turn also supports the effectiveness of medicines.

It is reiterated that optimum effectiveness and functioning of anything can only be achieved when everything is at its peak performance. The food supplements support in peaking up the functions of your body organs to its optimum level, which virtually means a healthy body. Thus, to evade the possibility of any degenerative diseases in future everyone needs to understand the role food supplements and use it accordingly.

The results of the use of food supplements in a supportive role alongwith the traditional medicine systems have resulted in reaching a stage of “COMPLETE REMISSION” for Mst Pritam Pal. There may be lakhs and lakhs of Pritam Pal, who are unable to reap the benefits of the food supplements in the supportive role, because of the lack of awareness and knowledge with regard to use of food supplements. We will feel elated and our goal achieved, even if one more Pritam Pal can be saved from the rath of such a deadly disease by anyone after reading this article. We assure you of our unstinted support in future.[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”]

Report of the Child in Critical Condition on 30th May,2008.


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Report of the Child at the time of Complete Remission on 09th September, 2008.




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Above : Compilation of Reports and Food Supplements
given to Master Pritam Pal.
Left : Final Remission Report of Master Pritam Pal.



Letter of Sgt. T K Pal

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