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Pimples on face and body. Acne is a small pocket of infected oil in the skin, produced by the sebaceous glands located in the chorium of the skin, which open into hair follicles. When this oil is trapped and infected it produces pimples known as acne.Symptoms: It generally occurs on the face and back and can become abscesses or deep infected lesions in the skin.Causes: The production of the hormone testosterone, in men as well as women (although it is greater in men), causes the sebaceous glands to grow, producing more oil. Meanwhile, the skin cells near the pore produce keratin. When these two substances mix, the greasy oil and keratin produce an amalgamation, which blocks the pore causing a blackhead. When the pore is plugged up due to this substance, the bacteria begins to accumulate and grows. This inflames the area and forms a pimple (acne).

Suggestion:1. Wash your face with a balanced pH liquid soap or with Face Wash of a world class premium brand – every day, morning and night to remove the oil. (Dry your face with a paper towel, so that the skin is not contaminated again).

2. Apply Cleanser, toner and moisturizer (CTM) of a world class premium brand for deep cleansing & toning effect, which will remove dirt & oil from the deeper layers of skin and improve the texture.

3. Take Beta-carotene (15 mg/day), Vitamin – E (800-IU, 400-IU every 12 hours), Vitamin – C (180 mg) & Vitamin – D(800-IU) daily.

4. It is advisable to use Polishing Scrub of a world  periodically, which enhances the natural exfoliating process. Ensure the product is dermatologically and allergy tested and contains Ginseng and Chamomile.

5. Take suggested food supplements until the infection diminishes. (Acne requires a treatment lasting about 4 to 6 months).

6.Eat more fibrous diet and avoid fast foods.

In addition it is suggested:

  1. To eliminate as much as sugar, flour fried foods, butter, chocolate and whole milk as far as possible.
  2. Increase the consumption of grain fiber, as well as yogurt, which cleans the stomach and intestine (Shankh prakshalan – Under the Guidance of a trained person).
  3. Avoid the use of greasy creams or cosmetics of cheaper brands, instead use high quality premium products to protect your skin.
  4. Avoid oral contraceptives and drugs containing bromides or iodides. Take minerals daily like chromium (50 a 200 mcg), selenium (100 mg), zinc (30 to 50 mg/daily). This is very important since it helps in the activity of hormones.
  5. Avoid soaps that contain sulfides, iodine, bromides or oil instead use face wash.

Warning! If one or more pimples are very red and the area becomes inflamed and sensitive to the touch you may have a serious infection. Consult your physician.

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