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Acidity-Problem & Solutions

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Acidity or hyperacidity conditions are a common problem. Our stomach produces acid to digest the food that we eat. This is a regular and natural process. Whenever we 23eat, cells within the lining of the stomach pump acid to liquefy our delicious food, from mash potatoes to a slab of steak. Problem occurs when these cells produce large amount of acid, more than our stomach needs. When this happens, we suffer from acidity. We feel a burning sensation just above the stomach, or right below (the hollow part) our breastbone. This is the most classic sign of acidity. Other people experience acid regurgitation. This happens when we are lying horizontal on our bed. We may have a sour taste in our mouth, which resembles the taste of an orange puree that had gone stale. Acid regurgitation oftentimes results to heartburn, or that pain near the heart area.



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