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Nature’s Best Source of Real Vitamin C The acerola cherry is a unique fruit that favors tropical or subtropical climates in both the eastern and western hemispheres. Th e fruit has been consumed for many years in the areas to which it is native, but has gained popularity worldwide recently due to its rich vitamin and antioxidant content.

The acerola cherry, formally known as Malpighia emarginata, is found in warm-weather areas across the globe. Th e plant requires a tropical or subtropical climate to prosper.

In the western hemisphere, acerola cherry plants can be found in the s outhernmost areas of Florida and Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. In the western hemisphere, acerola cherry plants are cultivated in Australia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Java, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Zanzibar.

Analysis has shown that the acerola is the richest source of vitamin C, of any fruit. In the 1940’s, large commercial plantings were established for processing, particularly for making Vitamin C tablets. ACEROLA CHERRY

Nature’s Best Source of Real Vitamin C  The acerola plant is a small tree shrub that maintains its leaves yearround. Typically, the plant grows to a height of 6.5 feet to 10 feet, though some reach 20 feet. Acerola plants have branches that produce leaves, flowers and fruit.

Acerola leaves are green and glossy, with an ovular shape. Its flowers have five petals and 10 stamens, and range in color from pale pink to red. Acerola cherries tend to be about 1 inch in diameter and grow in pairs or trios, and each fruit contains three seeds.

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