ABSCESS (See in teeth)

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An abscess is the accumulation of pus in a given part of the body, whether internal or external. It frequently occurs in the gums.

Symptoms: The most common symptoms are Fever, irritation, inflammation and pain.

Abscesses can form in any part of the body: the skin, the brain, the arms, the gums, the teeth, the stomach lining, the ears or the kidneys. The type of problem caused depends on where the abscess is located.

Causes: The most common cause is infection produced by bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which enters the body through an injury or by means of direct contact with the contagion.
Suggestion: In some cases, a small operation is required to open abscess in order to drain the pus that has accumulated. However most of the time it can be eliminated with some natural antibiotic like garlic. Applying ice to the affected area eases the discomfort and lowers inflammation. It is vital to strengthen the immune system. Therefore it is suggested to take Echinacea, Vit A, C, E and garlic.

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